2014 Going 9 Experts League Projected Standings: RV Current Stats

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Actual data from Sat 22-Mar-2014 to Sun 28-Sep-2014. Set end date to Mon 29-Sep-2014 or later to see projected data.
Springfield Bullies 87.509121112639.51285
CJ's Tip-Top Team 87.001261010.5112126.5611
Factory 79.50410810.51088876
RotoValue 77.5010111221176.5954
Lazar's Team 75.5011996351.5101110
Sanders Team Sucks 71.5075614119.541212
Who's on First 65.0033189911399
DEWMAN's Team 54.5028245106.51133
Strafford's Old Men 54.006479721.56.547
The Heals Guys 51.008757845511
Brasco's Bold Team 46.00113512132108
Jobu 31.005243264122
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases
CJ's Tip-Top Team231  Springfield Bullies940  RotoValue917  Springfield Bullies190
Lazar's Team219  RotoValue892  Springfield Bullies879  Factory151
RotoValue218  Factory880  CJ's Tip-Top Team862  CJ's Tip-Top Team151
Springfield Bullies215  Lazar's Team876  Lazar's Team852  Strafford's Old Men136
The Heals Guys204  DEWMAN's Team861  Factory779  Who's on First122
Sanders Team Sucks202  The Heals Guys835  Strafford's Old Men773  The Heals Guys120
Strafford's Old Men191  CJ's Tip-Top Team829  Sanders Team Sucks766  Lazar's Team116
Jobu182  Sanders Team Sucks809  The Heals Guys765  Brasco's Bold Team113
Factory174  Strafford's Old Men787  Jobu730  DEWMAN's Team106
Who's on First169  Who's on First781  Brasco's Bold Team718  Jobu93
DEWMAN's Team156  Jobu739  DEWMAN's Team717  RotoValue91
Brasco's Bold Team154  Brasco's Bold Team716  Who's on First710  Sanders Team Sucks78
TeamAverage TeamStrikeouts TeamWins TeamSaves
Brasco's Bold Team.2796  CJ's Tip-Top Team1317  CJ's Tip-Top Team82  Springfield Bullies115
RotoValue.2795  Sanders Team Sucks1236  Who's on First81  DEWMAN's Team104
Factory.274  DEWMAN's Team1193  Sanders Team Sucks80  Lazar's Team101
Who's on First.270  Who's on First1169  Springfield Bullies80  RotoValue99
The Heals Guys.268  Factory1150  Factory78  Factory84
Strafford's Old Men.267  RotoValue1136  RotoValue77  Strafford's Old Men83
Springfield Bullies.2640  Jobu1112  DEWMAN's Team77  CJ's Tip-Top Team83
DEWMAN's Team.2638  Lazar's Team1070  The Heals Guys74  The Heals Guys64
Sanders Team Sucks.2632  The Heals Guys1016  Jobu71  Sanders Team Sucks62
Lazar's Team.2631  Springfield Bullies1014  Brasco's Bold Team63  Who's on First57
Jobu.256  Strafford's Old Men983  Lazar's Team62  Brasco's Bold Team54
CJ's Tip-Top Team.247  Brasco's Bold Team912  Strafford's Old Men62  Jobu51
TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Sanders Team Sucks1.067  Sanders Team Sucks2.72
Lazar's Team1.143  CJ's Tip-Top Team3.18
Brasco's Bold Team1.157  Lazar's Team3.23
Who's on First1.167  Who's on First3.26
Springfield Bullies1.172  Brasco's Bold Team3.31
Factory1.177  Strafford's Old Men3.353
CJ's Tip-Top Team1.187  Factory3.355
RotoValue1.193  Springfield Bullies3.38
Strafford's Old Men1.215  RotoValue3.47
DEWMAN's Team1.232  DEWMAN's Team3.49
Jobu1.274  Jobu3.51
The Heals Guys1.298  The Heals Guys3.80