2014 Going 9 Experts League Standings

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Fri 29-Aug-2014 to Sun 28-Sep-2014
Springfield Bullies 101.0011121211116121097
CJ's Tip-Top Team 86.00121010125129556
Lazar's Team 80.0078.588193.5121211
DEWMAN's Team 78.0098.597773.51179
RotoValue 71.001011111.51253.5764
Factory 64.508775.5101011312
Who's on First 63.00342.59.5989288
Brasco's Bold Team 60.506565.543651010
Sanders Team Sucks 55.50232.51.5843.581112
The Heals Guys 43.004.5643.5629521
Jobu 43.004.5253.52117143
Strafford's Old Men 34.501119.5311935
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases
CJ's Tip-Top Team40  Springfield Bullies162  Springfield Bullies168  CJ's Tip-Top Team26
Springfield Bullies37  RotoValue160  RotoValue151  Springfield Bullies25
RotoValue34  CJ's Tip-Top Team143  CJ's Tip-Top Team133  Strafford's Old Men21
DEWMAN's Team32  Lazar's Team141  DEWMAN's Team122  Who's on First21
Factory31  DEWMAN's Team141  Lazar's Team117  Lazar's Team20
Lazar's Team30  Factory123  Factory114  DEWMAN's Team19
Brasco's Bold Team28  The Heals Guys119  Brasco's Bold Team113  Factory17
Jobu27  Brasco's Bold Team114  Jobu109  Brasco's Bold Team17
The Heals Guys27  Who's on First111  The Heals Guys108  Jobu12
Who's on First24  Sanders Team Sucks104  Sanders Team Sucks106  The Heals Guys12
Sanders Team Sucks23  Jobu100  Who's on First106  RotoValue11
Strafford's Old Men21  Strafford's Old Men87  Strafford's Old Men91  Sanders Team Sucks11
TeamAverage TeamStrikeouts TeamWins TeamSaves
RotoValue.289  CJ's Tip-Top Team241  Springfield Bullies17  Lazar's Team21
Springfield Bullies.280  Jobu221  Factory16  DEWMAN's Team20
Factory.279  Factory205  The Heals Guys15  Springfield Bullies19
Who's on First.278  Lazar's Team193  Who's on First15  Strafford's Old Men16
Sanders Team Sucks.262  Who's on First191  CJ's Tip-Top Team15  Sanders Team Sucks15
DEWMAN's Team.260  DEWMAN's Team187  Jobu14  RotoValue12
The Heals Guys.257  Springfield Bullies186  Brasco's Bold Team12  The Heals Guys9
CJ's Tip-Top Team.253  RotoValue181  RotoValue11  Brasco's Bold Team9
Brasco's Bold Team.251  Sanders Team Sucks176  Lazar's Team11  CJ's Tip-Top Team9
Strafford's Old Men.249  Brasco's Bold Team153  Sanders Team Sucks11  Factory8
Jobu.246  The Heals Guys150  DEWMAN's Team11  Who's on First6
Lazar's Team.239  Strafford's Old Men134  Strafford's Old Men9  Jobu5
TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Lazar's Team0.874  Sanders Team Sucks2.15
Sanders Team Sucks0.943  Lazar's Team2.41
Brasco's Bold Team1.026  Brasco's Bold Team2.42
Springfield Bullies1.032  DEWMAN's Team2.47
Who's on First1.044  Who's on First2.48
DEWMAN's Team1.083  Springfield Bullies2.85
RotoValue1.149  CJ's Tip-Top Team2.91
CJ's Tip-Top Team1.158  Strafford's Old Men2.93
Jobu1.238  RotoValue3.11
Strafford's Old Men1.265  Jobu3.21
The Heals Guys1.272  Factory3.76
Factory1.274  The Heals Guys4.22
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