2014 Going 9 Experts League Standings - Drafted Rosters

From to
Sat 22-Mar-2014 to Sun 28-Sep-2014
Factory 89.0061211911991264
Springfield Bullies 82.0010111212636778
Lazar's Team 78.50117.58695191111
CJ's Tip-Top Team 75.0012101010285846
Sanders Team Sucks 71.007534810821212
Brasco's Bold Team 66.00326712674109
The Heals Guys 61.0099485710621
Jobu 57.00847511211315
Who's on First 55.502122.541112597
RotoValue 54.505391104410.553
DEWMAN's Team 46.001612.531310.5810
Strafford's Old Men 44.5047.5511722132
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases
CJ's Tip-Top Team203  Factory844  Springfield Bullies821  Springfield Bullies174
Lazar's Team202  Springfield Bullies836  Factory795  Strafford's Old Men161
Springfield Bullies189  CJ's Tip-Top Team821  CJ's Tip-Top Team768  CJ's Tip-Top Team154
The Heals Guys186  The Heals Guys771  RotoValue741  Factory126
Jobu183  Lazar's Team761  Lazar's Team733  The Heals Guys116
Sanders Team Sucks179  Strafford's Old Men761  Jobu729  Brasco's Bold Team113
Factory178  DEWMAN's Team744  Brasco's Bold Team718  Lazar's Team106
RotoValue172  Sanders Team Sucks743  Strafford's Old Men711  Jobu93
Strafford's Old Men168  Jobu738  The Heals Guys708  Sanders Team Sucks86
Brasco's Bold Team154  RotoValue721  Sanders Team Sucks684  Who's on First81
Who's on First149  Brasco's Bold Team716  Who's on First681  DEWMAN's Team81
DEWMAN's Team139  Who's on First660  DEWMAN's Team650  RotoValue74
TeamAverage TeamStrikeouts TeamWins TeamSaves
Brasco's Bold Team.280  Jobu1111  Who's on First74  Factory85
Factory.277  Who's on First1082  Jobu72  RotoValue84
RotoValue.275  Sanders Team Sucks1073  The Heals Guys71  DEWMAN's Team84
Lazar's Team.268  Factory1055  Factory68  Lazar's Team83
Sanders Team Sucks.267  CJ's Tip-Top Team971  Sanders Team Sucks67  CJ's Tip-Top Team78
Strafford's Old Men.2658  The Heals Guys933  Brasco's Bold Team63  Springfield Bullies71
Springfield Bullies.2656  Brasco's Bold Team897  Springfield Bullies61  The Heals Guys65
The Heals Guys.265  Lazar's Team893  CJ's Tip-Top Team59  Who's on First56
Who's on First.264  RotoValue828  RotoValue56  Brasco's Bold Team54
DEWMAN's Team.262  Springfield Bullies819  DEWMAN's Team49  Jobu51
CJ's Tip-Top Team.261  Strafford's Old Men773  Strafford's Old Men48  Sanders Team Sucks33
Jobu.256  DEWMAN's Team728  Lazar's Team44  Strafford's Old Men32
TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Sanders Team Sucks1.069  Sanders Team Sucks2.74
Lazar's Team1.112  Lazar's Team2.93
Brasco's Bold Team1.152  DEWMAN's Team3.11
Who's on First1.167  Brasco's Bold Team3.16
DEWMAN's Team1.174  Springfield Bullies3.17
Springfield Bullies1.190  Who's on First3.29
Factory1.204  CJ's Tip-Top Team3.39
RotoValue1.206  Jobu3.48
CJ's Tip-Top Team1.235  Factory3.55
Strafford's Old Men1.244  RotoValue3.56
The Heals Guys1.263  Strafford's Old Men3.60
Jobu1.267  The Heals Guys3.81