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Fernando AbadRPAthleticsActiveFree Agent6957.3334451153410200.8551.573.07
Bobby AbreuRFMetsNot on RosterFree Agent7813333901012141020002.248.311
José Abreu1B/DHWhite SoxActiveCJ's Tip-Top Team14555617635236080107315115114.317.403
Tony Abreu2BGiantsNot on RosterFree Agent340000000000000.000.000
Alfredo AcevesRP/SPYankeesNot on RosterFree Agent1019.332361640114101.3976.526.26
A.J. AchterRPTwinsActiveFree Agent711.0014253004101.5453.275.37
Dustin Ackley2B/CF/LFMarinersActiveLazar's Team14350212327414064658432132.245.301
Cristhian AdamesSSRockiesActiveFree Agent7151000010000000.067.060
Austin AdamsRPIndiansActiveFree Agent67.009141007001.4299.004.24
Lane AdamsRFRoyalsActiveFree Agent630000010000000.000.000
Matt Adams*News*1BCardinalsActiveStrafford's Old Men14252715234515055683226537.288.332
Mike AdamsRPPhilliesNot on RosterFree Agent2218.67161218106201.2862.892.67
Nate AdcockRPRangersNot on RosterFree Agent710.0011295025001.6004.506.00
Jim AdduciLFRangersActiveFree Agent441011730101383110002.168.219
Ehire Adrianza2B/SSGiantsDisabledFree Agent5397236000105115111.237.253
Jeremy AffeldtRPGiantsActiveFree Agent6255.3347141141414401.1022.282.77
Jesus Aguilar1BIndiansActiveFree Agent19334000023004001.121.168
Nick AhmedSSDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent257014201094013000.200.219
Matt AlbersRPAstrosNot on RosterFree Agent810.0010083011001.3000.902.70
Al AlburquerqueRPTigersActiveFree Agent7257.3346763211316311.1692.513.69
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