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TeamTotal Points
Team Sapinski62.50
The Empire59.50
Team Joker46.00
Dark Angel45.50
Team Erik37.00
Team Lorin18.50

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On Tue Oct 4 05:18:28 2022 Lorin Engquist wrote:
Kirk and Melendez went 0 for 9 while Higashioka went 2 for 4 on DH's bench! The race for second place is in a virtual dead heat and batting average could decide the outcome!
On Tue Oct 4 05:13:42 2022 Lorin Engquist wrote:
The good news for Geoff is that my team hit only .214 yesterday. The bad news is that Najjar hut. 167 and Erik hit .147. And Vinnie Pasquantino of all people stole a base to help me tie Geoff in SBs.
On Mon Oct 3 10:52:36 2022 Joe Voyticky wrote:
On Mon Oct 3 10:49:43 2022 Joe Voyticky wrote:
As the end of the season approaches it is Lorin, yet again, in the role of Kirk; the rest of us are in the role of Khan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeanI9k-sQQ
On Sun Oct 2 21:27:42 2022 Geoff Buchan wrote:
As of this morning I had a slim shot to tie Lorin: pass him in SB, and hope Najjar passes him in Avg and wins, and Erik passes him in avg. While I did manage the first (at least for now), Lorin hit .413 to widen his edge in Avg, and he also added 4 HR to pass Najjar there. I'm now maxed out, and still trail by 4.
On Sun Oct 2 18:17:39 2022 Tim Schell wrote:
I know it’s not over until it’s over, but Lorin is sitting comfortably in first place as the choir and orchestra ready “Zadok the Priest.”
On Thu Sep 29 04:47:29 2022 Lorin Engquist wrote:
In the last month my team has 160 RBIs compared to 112 for The Empire and 108 for Ballbusters. So I think my 10 RBI lead over them with 8 days left is pretty safe.
On Thu Sep 29 04:42:19 2022 Lorin Engquist wrote:
As Vizzini said in The Princess Bride, "It's inconceivable!" However Ballbusters is within 1 win of me and would have tied me but for a relief win from Thielbar.
On Wed Sep 28 07:29:14 2022 Geoff Buchan wrote:
One could make the case that, adjusting for league size, 14 points in a 10 team league is lower than 13 points in a 7 team league. With 8 categories and 10 teams, there are 8x9=72 potential points to gain. In a 7 team league, it's just 8x6=48. 6 extra points out of 72 is a smaller ratio than 5 out of 48.
On Wed Sep 28 07:16:36 2022 Geoff Buchan wrote:
In an utter collapse, Team Lorin might lose: 1-2 points in RBIs (10-15 lead); 1-2 points in SB (4-6 lead), 1-2 points in Avg (.003-.004 lead), 1 point in wins (3 lead). Any of these is quite unlikely (especially after Lorin had 13 RBIs yesterday), and in combination they're even more remote. But in that rare event, Joe, Erik, Josh/Tim, or I could conceivably pass him.

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