2023 Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Standings

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Tue 22-Aug-2023 to Thu 21-Sep-2023
Team Lorin 68.009.596107.57910
Team Erik 59.507593109.579
Doppelganger 55.00810787.53.547
Buchanalia 46.505.54863.59.555
Team Mike 44.50431075.5186
Team Jim 43.509.571422108
Sole City Sox 40.502.56429764
Schellackers 31.505.58311733
Ballbusters 28.5012295.5522
Sith Lords 22.502.51553.53.511
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Team Lorin56  Doppelganger190  Team Mike45  Team Lorin.280
Team Jim56  Team Lorin177  Team Erik43  Ballbusters.271
Doppelganger52  Schellackers172  Buchanalia37  Doppelganger.264
Team Erik49  Team Jim171  Doppelganger33  Team Mike.263
Buchanalia46  Sole City Sox158  Team Lorin31  Buchanalia.258
Schellackers46  Team Erik149  Sith Lords30  Sith Lords.257
Team Mike36  Buchanalia148  Sole City Sox27  Team Jim.251
Sole City Sox32  Team Mike147  Schellackers21  Team Erik.246
Sith Lords32  Ballbusters115  Ballbusters20  Sole City Sox.240
Ballbusters21  Sith Lords109  Team Jim12  Schellackers.239
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Team Erik18  Buchanalia14  Team Jim1.149  Team Lorin3.42
Sole City Sox16  Team Erik14  Team Lorin1.203  Team Erik3.85
Team Lorin15  Schellackers12  Team Mike1.228  Team Jim3.86
Doppelganger15  Sole City Sox12  Team Erik1.252  Doppelganger3.88
Team Mike14  Team Lorin12  Sole City Sox1.286  Team Mike3.95
Ballbusters14  Ballbusters10  Buchanalia1.352* 1.289  Buchanalia4.24* 3.80
Buchanalia12  Sith Lords7  Doppelganger1.356  Sole City Sox4.84
Sith Lords12  Doppelganger7  Schellackers1.446* 1.351  Schellackers4.85* 4.18
Team Jim10  Team Jim5  Ballbusters1.513* 1.407  Ballbusters5.95* 5.31
Schellackers9  Team Mike0  Sith Lords1.708* 1.569  Sith Lords7.03* 6.16
* Team missed prorated innings requirement of 220.37.
Penalty innings to reach the requirement, plus an extra 12.96 penalty innings, applied at ERA 9.58 and WHIP 2.115.