2023 Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Standings

From to
Sun 1-Oct-2023 to Mon 2-Oct-2023
Team Erik 61.50101010998.523
Buchanalia 59.008381048.598.5
Ballbusters 52.50861.5498.578.5
Sole City Sox 50.003.598793.555
Team Lorin 47.003.564.5843.598.5
Schellackers 37.503.584.5643.544
Team Jim 36.503.51.54.5243.598.5
Doppelganger 35.00841.5243.566
Team Mike 35.003.568543.532
Sith Lords
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Team Erik3  Team Erik10  Team Erik3  Buchanalia.314
Buchanalia1  Sole City Sox6  Buchanalia2  Team Erik.297
Ballbusters1  Schellackers5  Sole City Sox2  Team Lorin.270
Doppelganger1  Team Lorin4  Team Mike2  Sole City Sox.263
Schellackers0  Team Mike4  Schellackers1  Schellackers.250
Sole City Sox0  Ballbusters4  Team Lorin1  Team Mike.195
Team Lorin0  Doppelganger3  Team Jim1  Ballbusters.176
Team Jim0  Buchanalia2  Sith Lords1  Team Jim.130
Team Mike0  Team Jim0  Ballbusters0  Sith Lords.130
Sith Lords0  Sith Lords0  Doppelganger0  Doppelganger.130
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Sole City Sox1  Buchanalia1  Buchanalia0.000  Buchanalia0.00
Team Erik1  Team Erik1  Team Lorin0.000  Team Lorin0.00
Ballbusters1  Ballbusters1  Team Jim0.000  Team Jim0.00
Buchanalia0  Sith Lords1  Ballbusters0.500  Ballbusters0.00
Schellackers0  Schellackers0  Doppelganger0.568  Doppelganger0.73
Team Lorin0  Sole City Sox0  Sole City Sox0.933  Sole City Sox1.20
Team Jim0  Team Lorin0  Schellackers1.000  Schellackers1.64
Team Mike0  Team Jim0  Team Mike1.400  Team Erik2.25
Sith Lords0  Team Mike0  Team Erik1.750  Team Mike9.00
Doppelganger0  Doppelganger0  Sith Lords2.217  Sith Lords9.39
The innings requirement is 1275. Teams with at least 8.92 innings are on pace to reach it.