2023 Park Slope Rotisserie League Projected Standings: RV Current Stats

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Actual data from Thu 30-Mar-2023 to Sun 1-Oct-2023. Set end date to Mon 2-Oct-2023 or later to see projected data.
DoubleHeader 62.5010107.5510587
Buchanalia 58.00886109629
Team Erik 56.0079987376
Obi-Wan 47.506310951.594
Ballbusters 47.00227.542.591010
Team Lorin 47.0097366745
Dark Angel 36.0056134863
Team Sapinski 35.00344.5181.558
The Empire 29.00454.572.5411
Team Joker 22.00112211032
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
DoubleHeader295  DoubleHeader1008  Obi-Wan174  Buchanalia.267
Team Lorin260  Team Erik907  Team Erik165  Obi-Wan.256
Buchanalia254  Buchanalia900  Ballbusters153  Team Erik.251
Team Erik242  Team Lorin898  DoubleHeader153  The Empire.250
Obi-Wan237  Dark Angel873  Buchanalia147  Team Lorin.2483
Dark Angel230  The Empire823  The Empire137  DoubleHeader.2480
The Empire220  Team Sapinski812  Team Sapinski137  Ballbusters.247
Team Sapinski219  Obi-Wan785  Team Lorin113  Dark Angel.246
Ballbusters218  Ballbusters762  Team Joker107  Team Joker.2435
Team Joker183  Team Joker735  Dark Angel77  Team Sapinski.2428
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
DoubleHeader102  Team Joker88  Ballbusters1.197* 1.173  Ballbusters3.98* 3.82
Buchanalia92  Ballbusters87  Obi-Wan1.201  Buchanalia4.02
Team Sapinski89  Dark Angel72  DoubleHeader1.246  Team Sapinski4.08
Team Erik86  Team Lorin71  Team Erik1.272  DoubleHeader4.11
Team Lorin83  Buchanalia59  Dark Angel1.275* 1.255  Team Erik4.203
Obi-Wan82  DoubleHeader56  Team Sapinski1.277  Team Lorin4.204
Dark Angel77  The Empire33  Team Lorin1.287  Obi-Wan4.21
The Empire71  Team Erik20  Team Joker1.288* 1.255  Dark Angel4.23* 4.09
Ballbusters71  Team Sapinski10  Buchanalia1.303  Team Joker4.30* 4.07
Team Joker65  Obi-Wan10  The Empire1.319  The Empire4.70
* Team projects to miss innings requirement of 1275.
Penalty innings to reach the requirement, plus an extra 75.00 penalty innings, applied at ERA 6.47 and WHIP 1.593.