2021 Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Projected Standings: RV Current Stats

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Actual data from Thu 1-Apr-2021 to Sun 3-Oct-2021. Set end date to Mon 4-Oct-2021 or later to see projected data.
Team Lorin 63.50109788.5768
Team Erik 56.504.5710510587
Buchanalia 53.00149971076
Team Mike 49.008.533.51491010
Ballbusters 46.508.56146399
Sole City Sox 45.50710278.5245
Doppelganger 37.0035625853
Team Jim 34.50683.5101411
Sith Lords 29.504.51862134
Schellackers 25.0022533622
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Team Lorin254  Sole City Sox873  Team Erik121  Team Jim.265
Team Mike249  Team Lorin843  Buchanalia119  Buchanalia.2601
Ballbusters249  Team Jim841  Sith Lords111  Team Lorin.2600
Sole City Sox242  Team Erik838  Team Lorin94  Sole City Sox.259
Team Jim240  Ballbusters812  Doppelganger84  Sith Lords.257
Team Erik231  Doppelganger800  Schellackers75  Team Erik.255
Sith Lords231  Buchanalia787  Team Jim67  Ballbusters.253
Doppelganger224  Team Mike786  Team Mike67  Schellackers.252
Schellackers214  Schellackers771  Sole City Sox61  Doppelganger.251
Buchanalia209  Sith Lords765  Ballbusters59  Team Mike.244
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Team Erik90  Buchanalia70  Team Mike1.130  Team Mike3.38
Sole City Sox89  Team Mike69  Ballbusters1.194  Ballbusters3.97
Team Lorin89  Doppelganger63  Team Erik1.234  Team Lorin3.99
Buchanalia83  Team Lorin56  Buchanalia1.243* 1.199  Team Erik4.03
Ballbusters82  Schellackers54  Team Lorin1.251  Buchanalia4.089* 3.88
Doppelganger80  Team Erik50  Doppelganger1.259  Sole City Sox4.090
Team Mike78  Team Jim43  Sole City Sox1.265  Sith Lords4.092* 3.83
Schellackers76  Ballbusters39  Sith Lords1.268* 1.217  Doppelganger4.13
Sith Lords66  Sole City Sox36  Schellackers1.287  Schellackers4.38
Team Jim60  Sith Lords14  Team Jim1.377* 1.279  Team Jim4.49* 3.91
* Team projects to miss innings requirement of 1275.
Penalty innings to reach the requirement, plus an extra 75.00 penalty innings, applied at ERA 5.82 and WHIP 1.601.