2021 Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Standings

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Sat 4-Sep-2021 to Sun 3-Oct-2021
Sole City Sox 54.0010103610357
Sith Lords 52.507.5588311010
Ballbusters 50.5098474.5576
Team Erik 50.005.561044.5794
Buchanalia 49.505.577106.58.523
Team Lorin 45.50339388.538
Team Mike 43.50445.519389
Team Jim 37.507.59292611
Doppelganger 29.00215.526.5345
Schellackers 28.00121511062
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Sole City Sox49  Sole City Sox172  Team Erik21  Buchanalia.286
Ballbusters46  Team Jim157  Team Lorin19  Team Jim.284
Team Jim45  Ballbusters154  Sith Lords17  Sith Lords.276
Sith Lords45  Buchanalia145  Buchanalia16  Ballbusters.269
Buchanalia41  Team Erik142  Team Mike14  Sole City Sox.268
Team Erik41  Sith Lords134  Doppelganger14  Schellackers.257
Team Mike38  Team Mike129  Ballbusters10  Team Erik.2545
Team Lorin34  Team Lorin125  Sole City Sox9  Team Lorin.2539
Doppelganger32  Schellackers117  Team Jim8  Doppelganger.247
Schellackers29  Doppelganger111  Schellackers4  Team Mike.231
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Sole City Sox19  Schellackers18  Sith Lords1.173* 1.036  Sith Lords4.05* 3.20
Team Mike17  Buchanalia14  Team Erik1.271  Team Mike4.16* 3.42
Team Lorin14  Team Lorin14  Team Mike1.276* 1.171  Team Lorin4.32
Buchanalia13  Team Erik12  Ballbusters1.294  Sole City Sox4.36
Doppelganger13  Team Jim11  Schellackers1.320  Ballbusters4.55
Team Erik12  Ballbusters6  Sole City Sox1.352  Doppelganger4.64* 4.07
Ballbusters12  Sole City Sox3  Doppelganger1.363* 1.284  Team Erik4.99
Sith Lords11  Team Mike3  Team Lorin1.389  Buchanalia5.30* 3.83
Team Jim8  Doppelganger3  Buchanalia1.475* 1.275  Schellackers5.54
Schellackers7  Sith Lords0  Team Jim1.626* 1.277  Team Jim6.79* 4.54
* Team missed prorated innings requirement of 213.02.
Penalty innings to reach the requirement, plus an extra 12.53 penalty innings, applied at ERA 9.30 and WHIP 2.016.