2019 Ezra Stiles NBA League Projected Standings: RV Current Stats

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Actual data from Tue 16-Oct-2018 to Wed 10-Apr-2019. Set end date to Thu 11-Apr-2019 or later to see projected data.
Schellackers 43858868
Buchanalia 35645776
Iavaronis 31367384
Team Erik 31483457
Doppelganger 23532625
The Sith Lords 21226542
Def Fresh Flow 18174231
Team Lorin 14711113
TeamFG% TeamFT% TeamPoints
Schellackers48.32  Team Erik79.79  Schellackers24720
Team Lorin47.65  Def Fresh Flow79.65  Iavaronis24166
Buchanalia47.19  Iavaronis79.29  The Sith Lords24039
Doppelganger47.17  Schellackers78.24  Buchanalia23581
Team Erik46.76  Buchanalia77.71  Def Fresh Flow22261
Iavaronis46.35  Doppelganger77.01  Team Erik22200
The Sith Lords46.18  The Sith Lords76.07  Doppelganger22135
Def Fresh Flow45.83  Team Lorin73.70  Team Lorin19805
TeamRebounds TeamAssists TeamSteals + Blocks
Schellackers9865  Iavaronis5960  Schellackers2609
Buchanalia9238  Buchanalia5494  Team Erik2608
Doppelganger8890  Schellackers5467  Buchanalia2600
The Sith Lords8843  Team Erik5174  Doppelganger2496
Team Erik8770  The Sith Lords5023  Iavaronis2360
Iavaronis8628  Def Fresh Flow4674  Team Lorin2345
Def Fresh Flow8176  Doppelganger4473  The Sith Lords2228
Team Lorin8052  Team Lorin4243  Def Fresh Flow2154