2019 Ezra Stiles NBA League Standings - Drafted Rosters

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Tue 16-Oct-2018 to Wed 10-Apr-2019
Schellackers 40858865
Buchanalia 40747778
Iavaronis 29375581
Def Fresh Flow 28284347
Team Erik 25463156
The Sith Lords 21126633
Doppelganger 19532414
Team Lorin 14611222
TeamFG% TeamFT% TeamPoints
Schellackers48.42  Def Fresh Flow79.70  Schellackers22090
Buchanalia47.51  Iavaronis79.31  Buchanalia21963
Team Lorin47.15  Team Erik79.01  The Sith Lords21665
Doppelganger46.97  Schellackers77.74  Iavaronis21305
Team Erik46.78  Buchanalia77.38  Def Fresh Flow20549
Iavaronis46.22  Doppelganger76.70  Team Erik18639
Def Fresh Flow45.96  The Sith Lords76.06  Doppelganger18044
The Sith Lords45.42  Team Lorin74.50  Team Lorin16939
TeamRebounds TeamAssists TeamSteals + Blocks
Schellackers8983  Iavaronis5354  Buchanalia2280
Buchanalia8376  Buchanalia4818  Def Fresh Flow2246
The Sith Lords7913  Schellackers4664  Team Erik2201
Iavaronis7393  Team Erik4461  Schellackers2200
Doppelganger7329  Def Fresh Flow4431  Doppelganger2015
Def Fresh Flow7267  The Sith Lords4367  The Sith Lords2008
Team Lorin7116  Team Lorin4093  Team Lorin1919
Team Erik7114  Doppelganger3564  Iavaronis1875