2018 Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Projected Standings: RV Current Stats

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Actual data from Thu 29-Mar-2018 to Mon 20-Aug-2018. Prorating source data from Tue 21-Aug-2018 to Sun 30-Sep-2018.
Buchanalia 53895106375
Team Jim 502366104910
Team Lorin 481010845254
Team Erik 47651058166
Sith Lords 4444187749
Salt City Sox 44789331022
Schellackers 4396791911
Doppelganger 4031429687
Ballbusters 37123148108
Team Mike 3457272533
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Team Lorin245  Team Lorin859  Team Erik122  Buchanalia.272
Schellackers243  Buchanalia851  Salt City Sox118  Schellackers.264
Buchanalia235  Salt City Sox800  Team Lorin109  Sith Lords.262
Salt City Sox234  Team Mike798  Schellackers96  Team Mike.261
Team Erik220  Schellackers790  Team Jim90  Team Jim.2601
Team Mike216  Team Erik776  Buchanalia89  Team Erik.2600
Sith Lords201  Sith Lords764  Doppelganger86  Team Lorin.258
Doppelganger186  Team Jim754  Ballbusters79  Salt City Sox.256
Team Jim185  Ballbusters672  Team Mike77  Doppelganger.255
Ballbusters147  Doppelganger669  Sith Lords56  Ballbusters.252
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Team Jim84  Salt City Sox72  Ballbusters1.245* 1.204  Team Jim3.60
Doppelganger84  Schellackers72  Team Jim1.255  Sith Lords3.73
Team Erik81  Ballbusters68  Doppelganger1.266  Ballbusters3.84* 3.72
Sith Lords80  Sith Lords60  Buchanalia1.267* 1.233  Doppelganger4.00
Buchanalia79  Doppelganger55  Team Erik1.284  Team Erik4.03
Team Lorin78  Team Mike46  Team Lorin1.285  Buchanalia4.04* 3.95
Ballbusters75  Team Jim44  Sith Lords1.290  Team Lorin4.14
Salt City Sox68  Buchanalia43  Team Mike1.326* 1.278  Team Mike4.25* 4.13
Team Mike67  Team Lorin32  Salt City Sox1.360* 1.295  Salt City Sox4.31* 4.13
Schellackers61  Team Erik15  Schellackers1.437* 1.372  Schellackers4.52* 4.34
* Team projects to miss innings requirement of 1275.
Penalty innings to reach the requirement, plus an extra 57.72 penalty innings, applied at WHIP 1.810 and ERA 5.52.
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