2018 Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Standings

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Tue 25-Sep-2018 to Mon 1-Oct-2018
Sith Lords 53.505.53.53.576.57.51010
Team Jim 52.00455.5106.51056
Buchanalia 48.5078186.5585
Team Erik 41.5013.58.529.5278
Team Mike 41.00873.592.5542
Schellackers 40.509.59732.57.511
Team Lorin 40.009.510256.5223
Sole City Sox 37.505.561061234
Doppelganger 35.502.51.58.514567
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Schellackers13  Team Lorin41  Sole City Sox7  Team Jim.308
Team Lorin13  Schellackers39  Team Erik6  Team Mike.296
Team Mike12  Buchanalia38  Doppelganger6  Buchanalia.275
Buchanalia7  Team Mike30  Schellackers5  Sith Lords.264
Sole City Sox6  Sole City Sox23  Team Jim3  Sole City Sox.256
Sith Lords6  Team Jim21  Ballbusters3  Team Lorin.253
Team Jim5  Team Erik15  Team Mike2  Ballbusters.250
Ballbusters4  Sith Lords15  Sith Lords2  Schellackers.231
Doppelganger4  Ballbusters14  Team Lorin1  Team Erik.229
Team Erik3  Doppelganger14  Buchanalia0  Doppelganger.207
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Team Erik4  Team Jim5  Sith Lords0.741  Sith Lords1.20
Ballbusters4  Ballbusters4  Ballbusters0.830  Ballbusters2.11
Buchanalia3  Schellackers2  Buchanalia1.000  Team Erik2.22
Team Lorin3  Sith Lords2  Team Erik1.007  Doppelganger2.82
Team Jim3  Buchanalia1  Doppelganger1.012  Team Jim2.92
Sith Lords3  Team Mike1  Team Jim1.200  Buchanalia3.21
Doppelganger2  Doppelganger1  Team Mike1.437  Sole City Sox3.47
Schellackers1  Sole City Sox0  Sole City Sox1.486  Team Lorin4.18
Team Mike1  Team Erik0  Team Lorin1.606  Team Mike5.32
Sole City Sox0  Team Lorin0  Schellackers1.791  Schellackers6.45
The innings requirement is 1275. Teams with at least 44.60 innings are on pace to reach it.