2018 Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Standings

From to
Sun 2-Sep-2018 to Mon 1-Oct-2018
Buchanalia 56.008.510179.5578
Schellackers 53.001098.51037.532
Team Jim 50.506.576.595.51024
Sith Lords 46.00224.5377.51010
Ballbusters 44.5011289.5986
Team Lorin 43.508.58358155
Team Erik 43.503.548.525.5299
Doppelganger 42.00531014667
Team Mike 38.006.566.562443
Sole City Sox 23.003.554.541311
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Schellackers48  Buchanalia170  Doppelganger21  Schellackers.268
Buchanalia42  Schellackers163  Schellackers19  Team Jim.262
Team Lorin42  Team Lorin158  Team Erik19  Ballbusters.2603
Team Jim34  Team Jim133  Team Jim18  Buchanalia.2602
Team Mike34  Team Mike119  Team Mike18  Team Mike.2601
Doppelganger32  Sole City Sox114  Sole City Sox17  Team Lorin.256
Sole City Sox30  Team Erik104  Sith Lords17  Sole City Sox.2469
Team Erik30  Doppelganger91  Team Lorin14  Sith Lords.2465
Sith Lords26  Sith Lords88  Ballbusters12  Team Erik.243
Ballbusters18  Ballbusters78  Buchanalia8  Doppelganger.242
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Buchanalia17  Team Jim13  Sith Lords1.048  Sith Lords2.55
Ballbusters17  Ballbusters11  Team Erik1.099  Team Erik3.22
Team Lorin16  Schellackers9  Ballbusters1.166  Buchanalia3.68* 3.15
Sith Lords15  Sith Lords9  Buchanalia1.206* 1.106  Doppelganger3.94
Team Erik13  Doppelganger6  Doppelganger1.260  Ballbusters3.96
Team Jim13  Buchanalia5  Team Lorin1.367  Team Lorin4.41
Doppelganger11  Team Mike4  Team Mike1.381* 1.217  Team Jim4.43* 3.96
Schellackers9  Sole City Sox3  Schellackers1.420* 1.321  Team Mike5.11* 4.36
Team Mike8  Team Erik2  Team Jim1.452* 1.378  Schellackers5.27* 4.81
Sole City Sox7  Team Lorin0  Sole City Sox1.464* 1.400  Sole City Sox5.28* 4.97
* Team missed prorated innings requirement of 206.20.
Penalty innings to reach the requirement, plus an extra 12.13 penalty innings, applied at ERA 8.00 and WHIP 2.013.