2018 Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Standings

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Thu 29-Mar-2018 to Mon 20-Aug-2018
Buchanalia 58.50895107.5397
Team Jim 46.5023667.54810
Team Lorin 46.501010834.5254
Salt City Sox 44.00761023943
Team Erik 43.005.54957.5165
Schellackers 43.0097791811
Sith Lords 42.0045187.56.528
Doppelganger 41.503144106.576
Ballbusters 40.5012314.510109
Team Mike 34.505.58272532
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Team Lorin201  Team Lorin694  Salt City Sox98  Buchanalia.272
Schellackers199  Buchanalia671  Team Erik96  Schellackers.265
Buchanalia190  Team Mike647  Team Lorin86  Sith Lords.263
Salt City Sox184  Schellackers642  Schellackers79  Team Mike.262
Team Erik173  Salt City Sox623  Team Jim72  Team Jim.261
Team Mike173  Sith Lords617  Buchanalia68  Team Erik.260
Sith Lords163  Team Erik597  Doppelganger67  Doppelganger.257
Doppelganger152  Team Jim596  Ballbusters63  Team Lorin.256
Team Jim142  Ballbusters550  Team Mike55  Salt City Sox.255
Ballbusters119  Doppelganger545  Sith Lords43  Ballbusters.251
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Doppelganger69  Ballbusters62  Ballbusters1.185  Team Jim3.40
Buchanalia65  Salt City Sox59  Buchanalia1.205  Ballbusters3.64
Team Erik65  Schellackers51  Team Jim1.228  Sith Lords3.70
Team Jim65  Sith Lords50  Doppelganger1.244  Buchanalia3.88
Sith Lords65  Doppelganger50  Team Erik1.265  Doppelganger3.89
Team Lorin61  Team Mike43  Team Lorin1.271  Team Erik3.94
Ballbusters61  Team Jim37  Salt City Sox1.286  Team Lorin4.08
Salt City Sox59  Buchanalia32  Team Mike1.290* 1.256  Salt City Sox4.09
Team Mike53  Team Lorin25  Sith Lords1.293  Team Mike4.15* 4.07
Schellackers50  Team Erik9  Schellackers1.413* 1.372  Schellackers4.42* 4.30
* Team missed prorated innings requirement of 981.17.
Penalty innings to reach the requirement, plus an extra 57.72 penalty innings, applied at WHIP 1.810 and ERA 5.52.
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