2018 Park Slope Rotisserie League Projected Standings: RV Current Stats

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Actual data from Thu 29-Mar-2018 to Sun 30-Sep-2018. Set end date to Mon 1-Oct-2018 or later to see projected data.
Ballbusters 61.50108928.5978
Obi-Wan 54.00910894284
The Empire 52.505.591.510104.557
DoubleHeader 51.50476474.5910
Buchanalia 50.5022.557510109
Dark Angel 43.0084713866
Team Lorin 36.5072.51082331
Team Erik 30.50351.556145
Team Joker 30.505.56361612
Team Sapinski 29.5011438.5723
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Ballbusters273  Obi-Wan946  Team Lorin139  The Empire.263
Obi-Wan267  The Empire910  Ballbusters118  Obi-Wan.259
Dark Angel262  Ballbusters893  Obi-Wan113  Team Lorin.256
Team Lorin251  DoubleHeader879  Dark Angel107  Buchanalia.254
Team Joker246  Team Joker869  DoubleHeader105  Team Joker.253
The Empire246  Team Erik828  Buchanalia104  Team Erik.251
DoubleHeader242  Dark Angel816  Team Sapinski101  DoubleHeader.250
Team Erik224  Buchanalia804  Team Joker88  Team Sapinski.249
Buchanalia219  Team Lorin804  Team Erik87  Ballbusters.247
Team Sapinski192  Team Sapinski767  The Empire87  Dark Angel.242
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
The Empire89  Buchanalia84  Buchanalia1.195  DoubleHeader3.82
Team Sapinski88  Ballbusters80  DoubleHeader1.219  Buchanalia3.98
Ballbusters88  Dark Angel64  Obi-Wan1.252  Ballbusters4.0968* 3.93
DoubleHeader85  Team Sapinski61  Ballbusters1.265* 1.239  The Empire4.0972
Team Erik84  Team Joker53  Dark Angel1.270  Dark Angel4.11
Buchanalia83  The Empire51  The Empire1.279  Team Erik4.19
Obi-Wan78  DoubleHeader51  Team Erik1.296  Obi-Wan4.22
Dark Angel76  Team Lorin34  Team Lorin1.315* 1.292  Team Sapinski4.32
Team Lorin69  Obi-Wan29  Team Sapinski1.319  Team Joker4.44* 3.88
Team Joker51  Team Erik17  Team Joker1.352* 1.275  Team Lorin4.46* 4.32
* Team projects to miss innings requirement of 1275.
Penalty innings to reach the requirement, plus an extra 75.00 penalty innings, applied at WHIP 1.582 and ERA 6.13.