2018 Park Slope Rotisserie League Projected Standings: RV Current Stats

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Actual data from Thu 29-Mar-2018 to Mon 20-Aug-2018. Prorating source data from Tue 21-Aug-2018 to Sun 30-Sep-2018.
Ballbusters 681099591088
DoubleHeader 56577756910
Buchanalia 50345379109
Obi-Wan 48810893253
The Empire 484621010466
Dark Angel 4293416577
Team Lorin 36721082331
Team Joker 3368141724
Team Sapinski 3211328845
Team Erik 2725664112
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Ballbusters264  Obi-Wan907  Team Lorin121  The Empire.264
Dark Angel263  Ballbusters894  Ballbusters121  Obi-Wan.255
Obi-Wan262  Team Joker887  Obi-Wan114  Team Lorin.2539
Team Lorin246  DoubleHeader862  DoubleHeader109  DoubleHeader.2536
Team Joker246  The Empire838  Team Erik98  Team Erik.253
DoubleHeader239  Team Erik801  Buchanalia96  Ballbusters.252
The Empire220  Buchanalia799  Dark Angel89  Team Joker.251
Buchanalia216  Dark Angel795  Team Sapinski87  Buchanalia.248
Team Erik213  Team Lorin785  The Empire87  Team Sapinski.247
Team Sapinski181  Team Sapinski714  Team Joker84  Dark Angel.243
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
The Empire86  Ballbusters81  Buchanalia1.199  DoubleHeader3.94
Ballbusters84  Buchanalia77  DoubleHeader1.225  Buchanalia3.96
Team Sapinski84  Team Sapinski69  Ballbusters1.259* 1.229  Ballbusters4.08* 3.91
Buchanalia84  Team Joker62  Dark Angel1.281  Dark Angel4.13
Dark Angel83  DoubleHeader60  The Empire1.287  The Empire4.14
DoubleHeader79  Dark Angel54  Obi-Wan1.290* 1.275  Team Sapinski4.19
Team Erik78  The Empire45  Team Sapinski1.321  Team Joker4.33* 3.90
Obi-Wan72  Team Lorin32  Team Lorin1.351* 1.314  Obi-Wan4.41* 4.33
Team Lorin65  Obi-Wan25  Team Joker1.365* 1.302  Team Erik4.50* 4.35
Team Joker56  Team Erik22  Team Erik1.367* 1.343  Team Lorin4.62* 4.41
* Team projects to miss innings requirement of 1275.
Penalty innings to reach the requirement, plus an extra 57.90 penalty innings, applied at WHIP 1.617 and ERA 6.08.
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