2017 5x5 Mixed League - $260 cap Standings - Drafted Rosters

From to
Sun 2-Apr-2017 to Sun 1-Oct-2017
Moneyball 91.50109108978.512117
Roto Value 84.0012121246667109
SportsWiseGuy.com 78.00976712810685
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects 75.0084.5564108.59911
Old Hoss 74.5012.51127111241212
Texas BigSticks 70.007689103211410
The Seals Guys 60.001110113357523
Dodger Blue 57.5062.57511211166
Big Chee 56.005119101123311
Poison Pills 54.0048411295254
JetBlack 45.5034.532811878
Las Vegas Giants 34.0021215441032
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases
Roto Value303  Roto Value851  Roto Value907  Old Hoss127
The Seals Guys261  Big Chee802  The Seals Guys814  Poison Pills123
Moneyball241  The Seals Guys755  Moneyball764  Big Chee98
SportsWiseGuy.com211  Moneyball750  Big Chee713  Texas BigSticks89
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects210  Poison Pills708  Texas BigSticks705  Moneyball75
Texas BigSticks205  SportsWiseGuy.com706  Dodger Blue685  SportsWiseGuy.com67
Dodger Blue202  Texas BigSticks693  SportsWiseGuy.com679  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects66
Big Chee201  JetBlack650  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects620  Dodger Blue64
Poison Pills190  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects650  Poison Pills612  Roto Value61
JetBlack177  Old Hoss644  JetBlack606  The Seals Guys57
Las Vegas Giants167  Dodger Blue644  Las Vegas Giants577  JetBlack54
Old Hoss164  Las Vegas Giants568  Old Hoss558  Las Vegas Giants35
TeamAverage TeamStrikeouts TeamWins TeamSaves
SportsWiseGuy.com.279  Dodger Blue1254  Old Hoss87  Moneyball99
Big Chee.276  Old Hoss1082  Dodger Blue79  Texas BigSticks92
Texas BigSticks.2734  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects1048  SportsWiseGuy.com76  Las Vegas Giants80
Moneyball.2729  Poison Pills1015  Moneyball70  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects57
JetBlack.2728  SportsWiseGuy.com1001  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects70  JetBlack56
Old Hoss.2712  Moneyball978  The Seals Guys60  Roto Value41
Roto Value.2707  Roto Value956  Roto Value55  SportsWiseGuy.com37
Las Vegas Giants.2700  The Seals Guys919  Poison Pills51  The Seals Guys27
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects.2697  Las Vegas Giants791  Las Vegas Giants47  Old Hoss18
The Seals Guys.269  Texas BigSticks771  Big Chee46  Big Chee15
Poison Pills.262  Big Chee712  Texas BigSticks43  Poison Pills12
Dodger Blue.260  JetBlack642  JetBlack36  Dodger Blue2
TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Old Hoss1.170  Old Hoss3.41
Moneyball1.196  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects3.59
Roto Value1.202  Texas BigSticks3.77
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects1.215  Roto Value3.78
SportsWiseGuy.com1.225  JetBlack3.88
JetBlack1.240  Moneyball3.89
Dodger Blue1.253  Dodger Blue3.92
Poison Pills1.256  SportsWiseGuy.com4.07
Texas BigSticks1.269  Poison Pills4.10
Las Vegas Giants1.301  The Seals Guys4.39
The Seals Guys1.349  Las Vegas Giants4.53
Big Chee1.361  Big Chee4.71