2014 5x5 Mixed League - $260 cap Standings

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Sun 28-Sep-2014 to Sun 28-Sep-2014
SportsWiseGuy.com 92.501210.511.55119.511.5588.5
Big Poison 78.008.510.511.55889548.5
Las Vegas Giants 77.508.56.59.551274115.58.5
The Seals Guys 74.008.510.56.510.5734510.58.5
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects
Dodger Blue 69.5033.59.512612955.54
Moneyball 61.5036.5110.59.534510.58.5
Old Hoss 56.508.510.53539.541111
JetBlack 53.0033.56.55434510.58.5
Texas BigSticks 49.508.56.56.55264533
RotoValue 49.0031.53551111.5522
Big Chee 46.0031.535139578.5
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases
SportsWiseGuy.com2  The Seals Guys3  Big Poison4  Dodger Blue2
The Seals Guys1  Big Poison3  SportsWiseGuy.com4  The Seals Guys1
Texas BigSticks1  SportsWiseGuy.com3  Las Vegas Giants3  Moneyball1
Big Poison1  Old Hoss3  Dodger Blue3  JetBlack0
Old Hoss1  Moneyball2  The Seals Guys2  RotoValue0
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects1  Texas BigSticks2  JetBlack2  Big Chee0
Las Vegas Giants1  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects2  Texas BigSticks2  Texas BigSticks0
JetBlack0  Las Vegas Giants2  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects2  Big Poison0
RotoValue0  JetBlack1  RotoValue1  SportsWiseGuy.com0
Moneyball0  Dodger Blue1  Big Chee1  Old Hoss0
Big Chee0  RotoValue0  Old Hoss1  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects0
Dodger Blue0  Big Chee0  Moneyball0  Las Vegas Giants0
TeamAverage TeamStrikeouts TeamWins TeamSaves
Las Vegas Giants.500  Dodger Blue20  RotoValue2  Old Hoss1
SportsWiseGuy.com.385  RotoValue15  SportsWiseGuy.com2  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects1
Moneyball.286  SportsWiseGuy.com12  Big Chee1  Las Vegas Giants1
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects.286  Old Hoss12  Big Poison1  The Seals Guys0
Big Poison.280  Big Poison8  Dodger Blue1  JetBlack0
The Seals Guys.259  Las Vegas Giants3  The Seals Guys0  RotoValue0
Dodger Blue.250  Texas BigSticks2  JetBlack0  Moneyball0
RotoValue.208  The Seals Guys0  Moneyball0  Big Chee0
JetBlack.200  JetBlack0  Texas BigSticks0  Texas BigSticks0
Old Hoss.100  Moneyball0  Old Hoss0  Big Poison0
Texas BigSticks.083  Big Chee0  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects0  SportsWiseGuy.com0
Big Chee.071  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects0  Las Vegas Giants0  Dodger Blue0
TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
The Seals Guys0.000  The Seals Guys0.00
JetBlack0.000  JetBlack0.00
Moneyball0.000  Moneyball0.00
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects0.000  Big Chee0.00
SportsWiseGuy.com0.429  Big Poison0.00
Big Chee0.500  SportsWiseGuy.com0.00
Las Vegas Giants0.600  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects0.00
Dodger Blue0.600  Las Vegas Giants0.00
Big Poison0.818  Dodger Blue1.20
Texas BigSticks0.833  Texas BigSticks1.50
RotoValue1.154  RotoValue2.77
Old Hoss1.308  Old Hoss5.54
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Fielding Independent Pitching or FIP, was developed by Tom Tango based on DIPS work by Voros McCracken.
Strike Zone ERA, or kwERA, was developed by Tom Tango, with inspiration from GuyM.
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Weighted On Base Average, or wOBA, was developed by Tom Tango. RotoValue uses Version 2, but ignoring reached base on error before 2015.
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