2013 5x5 Mixed League - $260 cap Standings

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Tue 24-Sep-2013 to Mon 30-Sep-2013
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects 94.0010.5109.556121212710
Dodger Blue 92.508.5119.512765.5101112
Big Chee
SportsWiseGuy.com 78.00759.57.58105.54.5129
Texas BigSticks 69.501212710.54421035
Moneyball 61.005.52492894.598
The Seals Guys 60.505.562.57.55115.54.567
RotoValue 60.002.549.551265.54.583
Las Vegas Giants 56.502.57610.511291.552
Old Hoss 50.5010.58.5529127.514
Big Poison 40.002.51151991.546
JetBlack 28.502.532.523327.521
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases
Texas BigSticks7  Texas BigSticks25  Big Chee22  Dodger Blue6
Old Hoss6  Dodger Blue23  RotoValue20  Texas BigSticks5
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects6  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects21  SportsWiseGuy.com20  Las Vegas Giants5
Big Chee5  Big Chee20  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects20  Moneyball4
Dodger Blue5  Old Hoss20  Dodger Blue20  The Seals Guys2
SportsWiseGuy.com4  Las Vegas Giants19  Texas BigSticks18  SportsWiseGuy.com2
The Seals Guys3  The Seals Guys18  Las Vegas Giants17  RotoValue1
Moneyball3  SportsWiseGuy.com16  Old Hoss16  Big Poison1
JetBlack2  RotoValue14  Moneyball12  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects1
RotoValue2  JetBlack13  The Seals Guys10  JetBlack0
Big Poison2  Moneyball11  JetBlack10  Big Chee0
Las Vegas Giants2  Big Poison7  Big Poison7  Old Hoss0
TeamAverage TeamStrikeouts TeamWins TeamSaves
RotoValue.338  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects40  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects6  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects4
Las Vegas Giants.326  The Seals Guys38  Big Chee4  Big Chee3
Big Chee.294  SportsWiseGuy.com36  Moneyball3  Texas BigSticks3
Old Hoss.291  Big Poison34  Big Poison3  Dodger Blue3
SportsWiseGuy.com.290  Moneyball32  Las Vegas Giants3  JetBlack2
Dodger Blue.286  RotoValue30  The Seals Guys2  Old Hoss2
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects.279  Big Chee30  RotoValue2  The Seals Guys1
The Seals Guys.272  Dodger Blue30  SportsWiseGuy.com2  RotoValue1
Texas BigSticks.252  Texas BigSticks29  Dodger Blue2  Moneyball1
JetBlack.217  JetBlack26  JetBlack1  SportsWiseGuy.com1
Moneyball.211  Las Vegas Giants24  Texas BigSticks1  Big Poison0
Big Poison.194  Old Hoss23  Old Hoss1  Las Vegas Giants0
TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
SportsWiseGuy.com0.774  Dodger Blue0.90
Dodger Blue1.000  Big Chee1.59
Big Chee1.008  With the 5th Pick Truck Selects2.17
Moneyball1.027  SportsWiseGuy.com2.32
RotoValue1.094  Moneyball2.43
With the 5th Pick Truck Selects1.107  The Seals Guys2.50
The Seals Guys1.185  Big Poison2.92
Las Vegas Giants1.234  Texas BigSticks3.03
Big Poison1.250  Old Hoss3.32
Texas BigSticks1.316  RotoValue3.38
JetBlack1.328  Las Vegas Giants4.04
Old Hoss1.523  JetBlack4.43