2013 Park Slope Rotisserie League Projected Standings: MORPS Stats

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Actual data from Sun 31-Mar-2013 to Mon 30-Sep-2013. Set end date to Tue 1-Oct-2013 or later to see projected data.
Team Joker 67.5010103888.51010
The Empire 51.505.56947299
Team Erik 50.00888106442
Team Lorin 46.00447910165
Team Sapinski 45.003510751023
Ballbusters 41.005.576348.534
Dark Angel 40.50114.529788
Obi-Wan 34.0073113676
Buchanalia 33.00224.561.5557
DoubleHeader 31.5099251.5311
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Team Joker253  Team Joker930  Team Sapinski152  Team Erik.2665
DoubleHeader248  DoubleHeader902  The Empire137  Team Lorin.2657
Team Erik227  Team Erik893  Team Erik131  Team Joker.265
Obi-Wan212  Ballbusters866  Team Lorin129  Team Sapinski.26384
The Empire205  The Empire848  Ballbusters112  Buchanalia.26378
Ballbusters205  Team Sapinski806  Buchanalia110  DoubleHeader.260
Team Lorin192  Team Lorin793  Dark Angel110  The Empire.259
Team Sapinski181  Obi-Wan769  Team Joker109  Ballbusters.255
Buchanalia180  Buchanalia749  DoubleHeader102  Dark Angel.254
Dark Angel169  Dark Angel685  Obi-Wan90  Obi-Wan.248
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Team Lorin102  Team Sapinski93  Team Joker1.200  Team Joker3.45
Dark Angel87  Team Joker92  The Empire1.235  The Empire3.54
Team Joker86  Ballbusters92  Dark Angel1.242  Dark Angel3.59
The Empire85  Dark Angel77  Obi-Wan1.261  Buchanalia3.71
Team Erik80  Obi-Wan75  Team Lorin1.262  Obi-Wan3.75
Team Sapinski79  Buchanalia71  Buchanalia1.285  Team Lorin3.79
Ballbusters78  Team Erik50  Team Erik1.297  Ballbusters3.81
Obi-Wan76  DoubleHeader26  Ballbusters1.307  Team Sapinski3.87
Buchanalia73  The Empire10  Team Sapinski1.335  Team Erik3.97
DoubleHeader73  Team Lorin1  DoubleHeader1.383  DoubleHeader4.64