2011 Ezra Stiles NBA League Projected Standings: RV Current Stats

Actual data from Tue 26-Oct-2010 to Wed 13-Apr-2011. Set end date to Thu 14-Apr-2011 or later to see projected data.
Buchanalia 39816888
Doppelganger 33148677
Iavaronis 32654746
Schellackers 30777315
Team Lorin 27565461
The Sith Lords 23423554
Team Erik 19282232
Def Fresh Flow 13331123
TeamFG% TeamFT% TeamPoints
Buchanalia47.59  Team Erik80.86  Doppelganger23271
Schellackers47.21  Schellackers80.75  Schellackers23119
Iavaronis46.80  Team Lorin78.42  Buchanalia22373
Team Lorin46.42  Iavaronis78.024  Team Lorin21796
The Sith Lords46.38  Doppelganger78.016  Iavaronis21539
Def Fresh Flow46.22  Def Fresh Flow76.62  The Sith Lords20433
Team Erik46.094  The Sith Lords76.34  Team Erik20413
Doppelganger46.087  Buchanalia74.43  Def Fresh Flow19335
TeamRebounds TeamAssists TeamSteals + Blocks
Buchanalia9350  Buchanalia5214  Buchanalia2825
Iavaronis9156  Doppelganger4997  Doppelganger2680
Doppelganger8765  Team Lorin4859  Iavaronis2529
The Sith Lords8647  The Sith Lords4800  Schellackers2520
Team Lorin8162  Iavaronis4709  The Sith Lords2400
Schellackers8116  Team Erik4576  Def Fresh Flow2380
Team Erik7842  Def Fresh Flow4367  Team Erik2356
Def Fresh Flow7755  Schellackers3784  Team Lorin2001