2011 Ezra Stiles NBA League Standings - Drafted Rosters

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Tue 26-Oct-2010 to Wed 13-Apr-2011
Team Erik 38777773
Buchanalia 33816828
Schellackers 30688314
Doppelganger 28365266
Iavaronis 27543537
Def Fresh Flow 22122485
Team Lorin 22434641
The Sith Lords 16251152
TeamFG% TeamFT% TeamPoints
Buchanalia48.39  Schellackers81.61  Schellackers20856
Team Erik46.77  Team Erik80.60  Team Erik20046
Schellackers46.69  Doppelganger78.54  Buchanalia19733
Iavaronis46.60  The Sith Lords78.10  Doppelganger19706
Team Lorin46.23  Iavaronis78.09  Team Lorin19345
Doppelganger45.74  Team Lorin77.68  Iavaronis18761
The Sith Lords45.59  Def Fresh Flow77.64  Def Fresh Flow18500
Def Fresh Flow45.31  Buchanalia73.84  The Sith Lords17825
TeamRebounds TeamAssists TeamSteals + Blocks
Buchanalia8157  Def Fresh Flow4620  Buchanalia2502
Team Erik7942  Team Erik4504  Iavaronis2164
Team Lorin7712  Doppelganger4467  Doppelganger2151
Iavaronis7577  The Sith Lords4410  Def Fresh Flow2128
Def Fresh Flow7164  Team Lorin4377  Schellackers2117
Schellackers6911  Iavaronis4318  Team Erik2111
Doppelganger6742  Buchanalia4148  The Sith Lords2018
The Sith Lords6136  Schellackers3465  Team Lorin1889
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