2012 Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Standings

From to
Wed 4-Apr-2012 to Wed 3-Oct-2012
Doppelganger 60.00681078867
Schellackers 55.005796531010
Sith Lords 54.008105810634
Buchanalia 48.001066.5581.556
Team Lorin 46.50992103.5445
Ballbusters 45.0033391998
Team Jim 43.50428381.589
Salt City Sox 33.00746.543.5521
Team Mike 28.0021116773
Team Erik 27.00154221012
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Buchanalia227  Sith Lords939  Doppelganger177  Team Lorin.282
Team Lorin225  Team Lorin902  Schellackers174  Ballbusters.279
Sith Lords217  Doppelganger810  Team Jim168  Sith Lords.2743
Salt City Sox203  Schellackers797  Buchanalia158  Doppelganger.2737
Doppelganger201  Buchanalia781  Salt City Sox158  Schellackers.265
Schellackers194  Team Erik779  Sith Lords154  Buchanalia.264
Team Jim189  Salt City Sox775  Team Erik140  Salt City Sox.2635
Ballbusters185  Ballbusters754  Ballbusters105  Team Jim.2633
Team Mike182  Team Jim714  Team Lorin100  Team Erik.260
Team Erik155  Team Mike638  Team Mike46  Team Mike.239
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
Sith Lords102  Team Erik106  Schellackers1.205  Schellackers3.46
Buchanalia94  Ballbusters93  Ballbusters1.212  Team Jim3.51
Doppelganger94  Doppelganger86  Team Jim1.220  Ballbusters3.52
Team Jim94  Team Mike61  Team Mike1.228  Doppelganger3.59
Team Mike91  Sith Lords57  Doppelganger1.2287  Buchanalia3.63
Schellackers86  Salt City Sox56  Buchanalia1.2289  Team Lorin3.70* 3.62
Salt City Sox82  Team Lorin54  Team Lorin1.260* 1.247  Sith Lords3.72
Team Lorin82  Schellackers38  Sith Lords1.297  Team Mike3.75
Team Erik81  Buchanalia26  Salt City Sox1.306  Team Erik3.91
Ballbusters69  Team Jim26  Team Erik1.319  Salt City Sox4.01
* Team missed innings requirement of 1300.
Penalty innings to reach the requirement, plus an extra 50.00 penalty innings, applied at WHIP 1.574 and ERA 5.69.