2011 Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Standings

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Thu 22-Sep-2011 to Wed 28-Sep-2011
Team Jim 57.509107962.568
Team Mike 56.5066289.5799
The Schellackers 56.5068959.5946
The Salt City Sox 44.508510102.5711
Ballbusters 44.003.523.5661085
Team Erik 43.0023818777
Buchanalia 40.501093.542.54.534
The Sith Lords 40.003.515.53611010
Team Lorin 31.0064172.52.553
Doppelganger 26.50175.522.54.522
TeamHome Runs TeamRuns Batted In TeamStolen Bases TeamAverage
Buchanalia11  Team Jim43  The Salt City Sox11  The Salt City Sox.310
Team Jim10  Buchanalia40  The Schellackers9  Team Jim.296
The Salt City Sox9  The Schellackers34  Team Erik8  Team Mike.288
The Schellackers8  Doppelganger30  Team Jim6  Team Lorin.271
Team Lorin8  Team Mike28  Doppelganger5  Ballbusters.267
Team Mike8  The Salt City Sox26  The Sith Lords5  The Schellackers.245
Ballbusters3  Team Lorin25  Buchanalia4  Buchanalia.242
The Sith Lords3  Team Erik20  Ballbusters4  The Sith Lords.234
Team Erik2  Ballbusters19  Team Mike3  Doppelganger.232
Doppelganger1  The Sith Lords13  Team Lorin1  Team Erik.228
TeamWins TeamSaves TeamWalks + Hits / Innings TeamEarned Run Average
The Schellackers6  Ballbusters7  The Sith Lords0.742  The Sith Lords1.56
Team Mike6  The Schellackers5  Team Mike1.010  Team Mike2.73
Team Erik5  The Salt City Sox3  Ballbusters1.138  Team Jim3.10
Team Jim4  Team Erik3  Team Erik1.153  Team Erik3.19
Ballbusters4  Team Mike3  Team Jim1.155  The Schellackers3.88
The Sith Lords4  Buchanalia2  Team Lorin1.364  Ballbusters3.96
Buchanalia2  Doppelganger2  The Schellackers1.383  Buchanalia4.08
Doppelganger2  Team Lorin1  Buchanalia1.483  Team Lorin4.34
The Salt City Sox2  Team Jim1  Doppelganger1.491  Doppelganger4.42
Team Lorin2  The Sith Lords0  The Salt City Sox1.651  The Salt City Sox5.98
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