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Cristhian Adames SSGiantsNot on RosterFree Agent10227020.318
Lane Adams LFPhilliesNot on RosterFree Agent000000.000
Jim Adduci RFCubsNot on RosterFree Agent250000.000
Shogo Akiyama CFRedsActiveFree Agent000000.000
Austin Allen CPadresActiveFree Agent346514030.215
Abraham Almonte LF/RFDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent17319140.290
Albert Almora Jr. CFCubsActiveFree Agent1303398012322.236
Aaron Altherr CF/RFMetsNot on RosterFree Agent49615130.082
Miguel Amaya CCubsActiveFree Agent000000.000
Francisco Arcia CCubsFree AgentFree Agent000000.000
Randy Arozarena CFCardinalsActiveFree Agent19206122.300
Tyler Austin 1B/LFBrewersNot on RosterFree Agent89154299242.188
Abiatal Avelino SSGiantsActiveFree Agent472010.286
Austin Barnes CDodgersActiveFree Agent75212435253.203
Tucker Barnhart CRedsActiveFree Agent1143167311401.231
Steve Baron CPiratesNot on RosterFree Agent7102010.200
Tres Barrera CNationalsActiveFree Agent220000.000
José Bautista RFPhilliesFree AgentFree Agent000000.000
Alex Blandino SSRedsActiveFree Agent23369130.250
David Bote 2B/3BCubsActiveFree Agent1273037811415.257
Rob Brantly CPhilliesNot on RosterFree Agent110000.000
Lewis Brinson CFMarlinsActiveFree Agent75226390151.173
Jay Bruce 1B/LF/RFPhilliesActiveFree Agent963016626581.219
Drew Butera CRockiesNot on RosterFree Agent16437030.163
Johan Camargo 3B/OF/SSBravesActiveFree Agent98232547321.233
Curt Casali CRedsActiveFree Agent84207528320.251
Wilkin Castillo CMarlinsMinorsFree Agent271020.143
Francisco Cervelli CPiratesActiveFree Agent48141303121.213
Jazz Chisholm Jr. SSMarlinsActiveFree Agent000000.000
Christian Colón 2B/SSRedsNot on RosterFree Agent863010.500
William Contreras CBravesActiveFree Agent000000.000
Dylan Cozens RFPhilliesMinorsFree Agent110000.000
Will Craig 3BPiratesActiveFree Agent000000.000
Kevin Cron 1BDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent3971156160.211
Jake Cronenworth*News*SSPadresActiveFree Agent000000.000
Oneil Cruz 3BPiratesActiveFree Agent000000.000
Noel Cuevas CF/RFRockiesMinorsFree Agent120000.000
Charlie Culberson 2B/LFBravesNot on RosterFree Agent107135355200.259
Yoenis Céspedes LFMetsActiveFree Agent000000.000
Jaylin Davis RFGiantsActiveFree Agent17427131.167
Rajai Davis CFMetsNot on RosterFree Agent29255180.200
Taylor Davis CCubsMinorsFree Agent7183140.167
Yonathan Daza CFRockiesActiveFree Agent449720031.206
Daniel Descalso 2BCubsActiveFree Agent82168292152.173
Corey Dickerson LFPhilliesActiveFree Agent782607912591.304
Derek Dietrich 1B/2B/LFRedsNot on RosterFree Agent1132514719431.187
Wilmer Difo SSNationalsActiveFree Agent4313133280.252
Steven Duggar CF/RFGiantsActiveFree Agent73261614281.234
Adam Duvall LFBravesActiveFree Agent411203210190.267
Lewin Díaz 1BMarlinsActiveFree Agent000000.000
A.J. Ellis CPadresNot on RosterFree Agent000000.000
Jake Elmore 2BPiratesNot on RosterFree Agent204710040.213
Johnny Field LFCubsNot on RosterFree Agent000000.000
Pedro Florimon SSBravesNot on RosterFree Agent000000.000
Maikel Franco 3BPhilliesActiveFree Agent1233899117560.234
David Freese 1B/3BDodgersNot on RosterFree Agent791625111290.315
David Freitas CBrewersActiveFree Agent17151010.067
Joshua Fuentes 1B/3BRockiesActiveFree Agent245512371.218
Rocky Gale CDodgersMinorsFree Agent5152000.133
Isaac Galloway RFMarlinsMinorsFree Agent19549012.167
Arquímedes Gamboa SSPhilliesActiveFree Agent000000.000
Aramis Garcia CGiantsActiveFree Agent18426250.143
Greg Garcia 2B/3BPadresActiveFree Agent134311774310.248
Robel García 2B/SSCubsActiveFree Agent3172155110.208
Kyle Garlick CFDodgersActiveFree Agent304812360.250
Scooter Gennett 2BGiantsNot on RosterFree Agent42133302110.226
Craig Gentry CFGiantsFree AgentFree Agent000000.000
Mike Gerber RFGiantsNot on RosterFree Agent12241000.042
Chris Gimenez CCubsNot on RosterFree Agent000000.000
Andrés Giménez SSMetsActiveFree Agent000000.000
Carlos González LF/RFCubsNot on RosterFree Agent45145293100.200
Erik González 3B/SSPiratesActiveFree Agent5314236164.254
Phil Gosselin 2BPhilliesNot on RosterFree Agent446517070.262
Curtis Granderson LFMarlinsNot on RosterFree Agent1383175812340.183
Juan Graterol CRedsNot on RosterFree Agent6184010.222
Zach Green 1BGiantsNot on RosterFree Agent8142010.143
Deivy Grullón CPhilliesActiveFree Agent491010.111
Javy Guerra SSPadresActiveFree Agent800000.000
Luis Guillorme SSMetsActiveFree Agent456115130.246
Jedd Gyorko 3BCardinalsMinorsFree Agent629216292.174
Carlos Gómez CF/RFMetsNot on RosterFree Agent3486173104.198
Sam Haggerty 1BMetsNot on RosterFree Agent1140000.000
Monte Harrison CFMarlinsActiveFree Agent000000.000
Ke'Bryan Hayes 3BPiratesActiveFree Agent000000.000
Adeiny Hechavarría 2B/SSMetsNot on RosterFree Agent84203499333.241
Tyler Heineman CMarlinsNot on RosterFree Agent5113120.273
Dilson Herrera 2BMetsNot on RosterFree Agent000000.000
Rosell Herrera CF/LF/RFMarlinsNot on RosterFree Agent63105212114.200
Bryan Holaday CMarlinsNot on RosterFree Agent43115324120.278
Joe Hudson CCardinalsMinorsFree Agent110000.000
Chris Iannetta CRockiesNot on RosterFree Agent52144326210.222
Alex Jackson CBravesActiveFree Agent4130000.000
Travis Jankowski CFPadresActiveFree Agent25224002.182
Connor Joe 1BGiantsNot on RosterFree Agent8151000.067
Sherman Johnson 3BRedsMinorsFree Agent000000.000
Caleb Joseph CDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent20388030.211
Corban Joseph 2BPiratesNot on RosterFree Agent286410170.156
Matt Joyce LF/RFBravesNot on RosterFree Agent129200597230.295
Jung Ho Kang 3B/SSPiratesNot on RosterFree Agent651722910240.169
Matt Kemp LFRedsNot on RosterFree Agent206012150.200
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