Player Search - 2018 Park Slope Rotisserie League

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Fernando Abad RPRed SoxFree AgentFree Agent00.00000000.0000.00
Albert Abreu SPYankeesActiveFree Agent00.00000000.0000.00
Bryan Abreu SPAstrosActiveFree Agent00.00000000.0000.00
José Abreu*News*1BWhite SoxActiveBallbusters12849913222782.265
Domingo Acevedo RPYankeesActiveFree Agent00.00000000.0000.00
Jason Adam RP/SPRoyalsNot on RosterFree Agent3132.33301522001.3926.12
Willy Adames SSRaysActiveBuchanalia852888010346.278
Chance Adams RP/SPYankeesActiveFree Agent37.67846001.5657.04
Jim Adduci 1B/RFTigersNot on RosterFree Agent59176473211.267
Micker Adolfo RFWhite SoxActiveFree Agent000000.000
Ehire Adrianza 2B/3B/SSTwinsActiveTeam Sapinski114335846395.251
Ruben Alaniz RPMarinersActiveFree Agent00.00000000.0000.00
Hanser Alberto SSYankeesActiveFree Agent13275000.185
Sergio Alcantara SSTigersActiveFree Agent000000.000
Victor Alcantara RP/SPTigersActiveFree Agent2730.002568101.0332.40
Anthony Alford CFBlue JaysActiveFree Agent13192011.105
Cody Allen RPIndiansNot on RosterDark Angel7067.005833354271.3584.70
Greg Allen CF/RFIndiansActiveBuchanalia912656822021.257
Abraham Almonte CF/LF/RFRoyalsNot on RosterFree Agent5013424392.179
Miguel Almonte RPAngelsActiveFree Agent87.00938001.71410.29
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