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Mike Trout CF/LFAngelsActiveFree Agent$41.311395591822783001298349567467.425
Miguel Cabrera 3BTigersActiveFree Agent$39.8616162220540044010913941661736.417
Ryan Braun LFBrewersActiveFree Agent$39.371545981913634101081123076315115.418
Buster Posey CGiantsActiveFree Agent$30.51148530178391240781031169729.407
Chase Headley 3BPadresActiveFree Agent$29.811616041733123109511517686245.380
Josh Hamilton CF/LFRangersActiveFree Agent$28.6114856216031243010312874601359.385
Robinson Canó 2BYankeesActiveFree Agent$28.431616271964813301059432611072.394
Andrew McCutchen CFPiratesActiveFree Agent$27.55157593194296310107962012701255.403
Yadier Molina CCardinalsActiveFree Agent$24.83138505159280220657612345455.379
Adrián Béltre 3BRangersActiveFree Agent$24.73156604194332360951021036859.388
Aaron Hill 2BDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent$24.20156609183436260938514552742.376
Aramis Ramirez 3BBrewersActiveFree Agent$23.441495701715032709210592443124.385
Prince Fielder 1BTigersActiveFree Agent$23.1116258118233130083108108518177.399
Joe Mauer CTwinsActiveFree Agent$22.62147545174314100818584901023.379
Curtis Granderson CFYankeesActiveFree Agent$22.5116059613818443010210610375457.346
Jimmy Rollins SSPhilliesActiveFree Agent$22.421566321583352301026830562203.330
Albert Pujols 1BAngelsActiveFree Agent$20.771546071735003008510581521656.361
David Wright 3BMetsActiveFree Agent$20.6215658117841221091931510811635.375
Wilin Rosario CRockiesActiveFree Agent$20.4311739610719028067714525214.352
A.J. Pierzynski CWhite SoxNot on RosterFree Agent$19.8813547913318427068770028584.351
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