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Chris Archer SPRaysActiveFree Agent23133.1411616113402753801.1693.603.96
Oswaldo Arcia LF/RFTwinsActiveCJ's Tip-Top Team10940710521218047514231151.257.332
Nolan Arenado 3BRockiesActiveSanders Team Sucks13355514832414061634133233.267.317
J.P. Arencibia 1B/C/DHRangersNot on RosterFree Agent762475311111026350115122.216.284
Joaquin Arias 1B/2B/3B/SSGiantsActiveFree Agent771524061201515207112.264.292
Jake Arrieta SPCubsActiveWho's on First1779.10751167311438301.3454.334.44
Bronson Arroyo SPDiamondbacksActiveFree Agent32168.3017827108332683801.2534.444.59
Erisbel Arruebarrena SSDodgersActiveFree Agent000000000000000.000.000
Cody Asche 3BPhilliesActiveFree Agent13245711424214055604142644.250.312
Scott Atchison RPIndiansActiveFree Agent4547.8245435142118211.2403.413.53
Luis Atilano SPRedsSuspendedFree Agent00.000000000000.0000.003.10
Phillippe Aumont RPPhilliesMinorsFree Agent2216.21161157117101.4123.953.58
Mike Aviles 2B/3B/LF/SSIndiansActiveFree Agent1241413570301716327012.246.283
Luis Avil├ín RPBravesActiveFree Agent7569.4554452232320501.1022.623.31
Dylan Axelrod RP/SPRedsActiveFree Agent2397.381151668342459421.5305.464.93
John Axford RPPiratesMinorsFree Agent7550.74496532121253121.3924.353.87
Erick Aybar SSAngelsActiveBrasco's Bold Team14155214932580675217528143.270.308
Burke Badenhop RPRed SoxNot on RosterFree Agent6350.5050538143121301.2623.663.50
Homer Bailey SPRedsActiveStrafford's Old Men31197.42186221725029811101.2003.693.67
Jeff Baker 1B/2B/3B/DH/LFMarlinsActiveFree Agent7315640815017182112111.254.312
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