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Jared Hughes RPRedsActiveFree Agent$-7.236759.67494482456205311.2233.023.62
Jason Hammel SPRoyalsActivePoison Pills$-7.4432180.3320926145482910681301.4255.294.28
Joe Smith RPAstrosActiveFree Agent$-7.445954.00464711011203011.0373.331.99
Seth Lugo SPMetsActiveFree Agent$-7.5219101.3311413852512537501.3724.713.86
Joe Musgrove RP/SPAstrosActiveFree Agent$-7.6338109.3311718982814587821.3264.774.30
Steve Cishek RPCubsActiveLas Vegas Giants$-7.754944.67263411413103210.8962.013.21
Brandon Maurer RPRoyalsActiveFree Agent$-7.796859.337385919214336221.5516.523.77
Tony Zych RPMarinersActiveFree Agent$-7.834540.67302352135126311.2542.663.71
Josh Hader*News*RPBrewersActiveFree Agent$-7.833547.67254682214112300.9862.082.91
Luis Perdomo SPPadresActiveFree Agent$-7.8929163.671821711865388581101.5094.674.29
Darren O'Day RPOriolesActiveFree Agent$-7.996460.33418762423232321.0773.433.55
David Hernandez RPDiamondbacksNot on RosterFree Agent$-8.006455.0048452901193121.0363.112.70
Matt Belisle RPTwinsNot on RosterFree Agent$-8.016260.33487542262272291.1604.033.71
Matt Bush RPRangersActiveFree Agent$-8.115752.335775819042234101.4523.783.94
Ty Blach SPGiantsActiveFree Agent$-8.1634163.67179177343218781201.3564.784.33
Will Harris RPAstrosActiveFree Agent$-8.214645.3337752700153220.9712.983.28
Joe Kelly RPRed SoxActiveFree Agent$-8.265458.00423522711184101.1902.793.38
Luis Garcia RPPhilliesActiveFree Agent$-8.356671.33613602650212521.2202.652.85
Collin McHugh SPAstrosActivePoison Pills$-8.481263.33627622005255201.2953.553.76
Matt Shoemaker SPAngelsActiveThe Seals Guys$-8.531477.677315692804396301.3004.525.07
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