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Adam Warren RPYankeesActiveFree Agent$-5.094657.33354541521153210.8722.352.86
Cory Gearrin RPGiantsActiveFree Agent$-5.246868.00504643547154301.2501.993.66
Pedro Strop RPCubsActiveFree Agent$-5.426960.33454652613195401.1772.833.20
Bryan Shaw RPRockiesActiveFree Agent$-5.487976.67715732230304631.2133.522.79
Tommy Hunter RPPhilliesActiveFree Agent$-5.536158.67436641401173510.9722.613.01
Jerry Blevins RPMetsActiveFree Agent$-5.707549.00434692424166011.3672.942.94
Brandon McCarthy SPBravesActiveFree Agent$-5.781992.67895722703416401.2523.983.22
Tommy Kahnle RPYankeesActiveFree Agent$-5.826962.67534961712182401.1172.591.73
Mike Fiers SPTigersActiveFree Agent$-5.8429153.3315732146620138981001.4285.225.38
Bud Norris RP/SPAngelsNot on RosterFree Agent$-5.846062.005687427332926191.3394.213.70
Seunghwan Oh RPCardinalsNot on RosterJetBlack$-5.846259.3368105415932716201.3994.103.93
Taylor Rogers RPTwinsActiveFree Agent$-5.956955.67526492153197301.3113.073.76
Cam Bedrosian RPAngelsActiveFree Agent$-6.214844.67415531710226561.2994.433.26
Kirby Yates RPPadresActiveFree Agent$-6.226256.674412881922254511.1123.973.75
Miguel González SPRangersNot on RosterFree Agent$-6.5527156.001672210055268081301.4234.624.79
Keone Kela RPRangersActiveFree Agent$-6.873938.67184511711124120.9052.793.13
Dustin McGowan RPMarlinsNot on RosterFree Agent$-6.936377.677713642752418201.3394.754.55
Jaime García SPYankeesNot on RosterFree Agent$-7.0127157.001571812964517751001.4084.414.09
Félix Hernández SPMarinersActiveBig Chee$-7.161686.678617782606426501.2924.364.96
Jeremy Hellickson SPOriolesNot on$-7.1930164.00160359647289981101.2625.435.67
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