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Hanser Alberto 3BWhite SoxNot on RosterFree Agent110105272111.253
Tim Anderson SSWhite SoxNot on RosterTeam Lorin112573167165716.291
Elvis Andrus 2B/SSWhite SoxNot on RosterThe Empire136506121114714.240
Tanner Banks RP/SPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent3542.04391418301.2603.92
Andrew Benintendi LFWhite SoxActiveBuchanalia11352514413658.275
Aaron Bummer RPWhite SoxActiveBuchanalia4658.89502624471.2853.61
Dylan Cease SPWhite SoxActiveTeam Lorin32173.7314272691101.2283.57
Mike Clevinger SPWhite SoxNot on RosterTeam Erik23142.101414574701.3094.67
Alex Colomé RPWhite SoxNot on RosterFree Agent6024.38241012141.3944.30
Oscar Colás CF/RFWhite SoxActiveFree Agent000000.000
Garrett Crochet RPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent00.00000000.0000.00
Declan Cronin RPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent00.00000000.0000.00
Matt Foster RPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent4923.1522911101.3134.38
Clint Frazier DH/LF/RFWhite SoxNot on RosterFree Agent6684193101.227
Deivi García RP/SPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent1921.7921811101.3034.37
Romy González 2BWhite SoxActiveFree Agent32107262121.244
Yasmani Grandal C/DHWhite SoxNot on RosterBuchanalia1073688014501.218
Billy Hamilton CF/LFWhite SoxNot on RosterFree Agent65317132.212
Adam Haseley LF/RFWhite SoxActiveFree Agent504411150.242
Liam Hendriks RPWhite SoxNot on RosterFree Agent00.00000000.0000.00
Brent Honeywell Jr. RP/SPWhite SoxNot on RosterFree Agent3775.02722637501.3014.48
Eloy Jiménez DHWhite SoxActiveTeam Sapinski10237510220651.273
Michael Kopech RP/SPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent36164.0014467721001.2883.96
Jimmy Lambert RP/SPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent2953.25502126301.3484.32
Korey Lee CWhite SoxActiveFree Agent9385193121.226
Davis Martin SPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent1444.22431420201.2824.16
Yoán Moncada 3BWhite SoxActiveBallbusters13151812115643.234
Tyler Naquin RFWhite SoxNot on RosterFree Agent117153376232.242
Edgar Navarro RPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent00.00000000.0000.00
Nicholas Padilla RPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent168.38744001.3143.96
Luis Patiño RP/SPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent1622.1823913101.4305.13
Sammy Peralta RPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent00.00000000.0000.00
Carlos Pérez CWhite SoxActiveFree Agent782010.227
Yohan Ramirez RPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent3214.551377101.3614.48
Bryan Ramos 3BWhite SoxActiveFree Agent595514280.258
Lane Ramsey RP/SPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent00.00000000.0000.00
Zach Remillard 2B/3BWhite SoxActiveFree Agent13594224141.235
Luis Robert CFWhite SoxActiveBuchanalia111539151217717.280
Josè Rodriguez SSWhite SoxActiveFree Agent27195120.252
Gregory Santos RP/SPWhite SoxActiveFree Agent2516.111668101.3294.47
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