2013 Straight Arrow Rotisserie League Rules

StyleRotisserieScoring periodsWeeklyStartingMonday
Lineups lock at the start of the first game of a player's team.
Initial AllocationAuctionSalary Cap$260.00Minimum Bid$1.00
Player PoolMLB
Batting statistics for pitchers count towards standings
Free Agency
First come, first served pickups
Roster Limits
Starting Pitcher5
Relief Pitcher3
First Base1
Third Base1
Second Base1
RF or CF1
Any Batter1
Transactions Costs
Change to Active$0.00
Add Player$0.00
Cut Player$0.00
Trade Fixed Cost$0.00
Trade Cost Per Player Acquired$0.00
Position Qualification Rules
Scoring Categories
Pitching CategoryWeight
Saves + Holds1
Quality Starts1
Runs / 9 IP1
Fielding Independent Pitching1
Batting CategoryWeight
Home Runs1
Total Bases1
Runs Batted In1
Stolen Bases1
Weighted On Base Average1
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Fielding Independent Pitching or FIP, was developed by Tom Tango based on DIPS work by Voros McCracken.
Weighted On Base Average, or wOBA, was developed by Tom Tango. RotoValue uses Version 2, but ignoring reached base on error before 2015.
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