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TeamWhite SoxPositionSPDepth 1st at SP
BatsLThrowsLRoto Transactions
Roto StatusMoneyball: ActivePro StatusActive


2018Red Sox20129.00851018831093210400.8992.232.12
2017Red Sox32214.331652430843086917800.9702.902.40
2016White Sox32226.67190272334521784171001.0373.343.39
2015White Sox31208.67185232744201379131101.0883.412.70
2014White Sox26174.0012913208392114212400.9662.172.51
2013White Sox30214.33183232264621473111401.0683.073.20
2012White Sox30192.001671919251566517801.1353.053.20
2011White Sox5871.00526792732222281.1132.793.07
2010White Sox2123.3315232100052141.0711.932.76
Total MLB2801453.3311711471740334148047110162121.0362.922.85
2013 Projections

2013 Game Log

2013-09-27v KCSP5.3390510140101.8756.752.35
2013-09-21@ DetSP7.6740710000000.6520.001.67
2013-09-15v CleSP5.6793730060102.1189.539.10
2013-09-09v DetSP8.0041810011000.6251.123.10
2013-09-03@ NYYSP7.3350610120000.8182.452.28
2013-08-28v HouSP8.00411220011000.7501.122.48
2013-08-23v TexSP7.0084610280101.28610.2910.10
2013-08-17@ MinSP7.0090810031001.4293.861.24
2013-08-12v DetSP9.0091600021001.0002.003.21
2013-08-06v NYYSP7.3350640101001.2270.003.51
2013-08-01@ CleSP5.00101600150102.0009.003.90
2013-07-27v KCSP9.0070710010100.8891.001.88
2013-07-22v DetSP8.00711131020101.2502.252.73
2013-07-11@ DetSP6.67102820031001.8004.055.50
2013-07-06@ TBSP7.0060910220101.0002.571.81
2013-06-30v CleSP8.00701010030101.0003.380.98
2013-06-25v NYMSP8.00411320030000.7503.382.23
2013-06-19@ MinSP5.0081521240102.0007.205.50
2013-06-14@ HouSP8.00501410000100.7500.00-0.02
2013-06-07v OakSP7.3351620040100.9554.914.05
2013-06-02@ OakSP6.0040510110100.8331.502.43
2013-05-17@ LAASP7.67301230001000.7830.001.14
2013-05-12v LAASP9.0010700001000.1110.001.54
2013-05-06@ KCSP7.3360500010000.8181.231.74
2013-05-01@ TexSP7.0061720021001.1432.573.81
2013-04-25v TBSP7.0041740021001.1432.574.67
2013-04-18@ TorSP7.0040610120100.7142.572.24
2013-04-13@ CleSP4.3382320280102.30816.6210.48
2013-04-07v SeaSP7.0052720030001.0003.865.67
2013-04-01v KCSP7.6770710001001.0430.001.67

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Sun Jul 102:53Sale pitches 7 stellar innings, Red Sox rout Yankees 11-0
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07-22 @ Tigers
07-27 vs. Twins
08-02 vs. Yankees
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