Detail: Ognjen Kuzmic

TeamWarriorsPositionCDepth 3rd at CCollegeClinicas Rincon (ESP)
Height7-1Weight251Birthday1990-05-16Roto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusOut


Total NBA37132552.0091560.0003538855150.951.030.220.1350.1354:26
2015 Projections
RV Current194951.232366.94011821120.580.440.080.0410.0651:37

2015 Game Log

2015-03-16v LALDNP - Injured
2015-03-14v NYDNP - Injured
2015-03-13@ DenDNP - Injured
2015-03-09@ PhoDNP - Injured
2015-03-08v LACDNP - Injured
2015-03-06v DalDNP - Injured
2015-03-04v MilDNP - Injured
2015-03-02@ BknDNP - Injured
2015-03-01@ BosDNP - Injured
2015-02-27@ TorDNP - Injured
2015-02-26@ CleDNP - Injured
2015-02-24@ WasDNP - Injured
2015-02-22@ IndDNP - Injured
2015-02-20v SADNP - Injured
2015-02-11@ MinDNP - Injured
2015-02-09@ PhiDNP - Injured
2015-02-03@ SacDNP - Injured
2015-01-31v Pho000.00000.0000100001:46
2015-01-30@ UtaDNP - Coach's Decision
2015-01-27v ChiDNP - Injured
2015-01-25v BosDNP - Injured
2015-01-23v SacDNP - Injured
2015-01-21v HouDNP - Injured
2015-01-19v DenDNP - Injured
2015-01-17@ HouDNP - Injured
2015-01-16@ OKCDNP - Injured
2015-01-14v MiaDNP - Coach's Decision
2015-01-13@ UtaDNP - Injured
2015-01-09v CleDNP - Injured
2015-01-07v IndDNP - Injured
2015-01-05v OKC11100.0022100.0004110003:39
2015-01-02v Tor000.00000.0000000000:19
2014-12-30v Phi22100.0022100.0006211008:39
2014-12-27v Min2366.67000.00041200112:00
2014-12-25@ LAC000.00000.0000110002:55
2014-12-23@ LAL11100.00000.0002111006:16
2014-12-22v Sac11100.00000.0002000002:36
2014-12-18v OKCDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-12-16@ MemDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-12-14@ NODNP - Coach's Decision
2014-12-13@ Dal000.00000.0000000011:19
2014-12-10v HouDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-12-08@ Min010.00000.0000200003:20
2014-12-06@ ChiDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-12-04v NODNP - Coach's Decision
2014-12-02v OrlDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-11-30@ DetDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-11-28@ ChaDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-11-26@ Orl000.00000.0000200012:25
2014-11-25@ MiaDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-11-23@ OKCDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-11-21v Uta010.00000.0000100004:27
2014-11-16@ LAL1250.00000.0002200027:47
2014-11-15v Cha000.00000.0000200005:57
2014-11-13v BknDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-11-11v SADNP - Coach's Decision
2014-11-09@ Pho000.00000.0000000001:51
2014-11-08@ HouDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-11-05v LACDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-11-02@ PorDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-11-01v LALDNP - Coach's Decision
2014-10-29@ Sac000.00000.0000100106:27
2014-10-24v Den010.00020.00006100111:50
2014-10-21v LAC4580.00000.000810211226:43
2014-10-19@ Hou2366.673475.00074300116:26
2014-10-16v Den5683.33000.000104100016:40
2014-10-12@ LAL33100.00000.00066000513:40
2014-10-09@ LAL1250.003475.00054210016:08
2014-10-07@ LAC020.003475.00036310016:45

Recent News

Mon Jul 27 201516:10Kuzmic has signed contract to play in Greece with Panathinaikos
Thu Jul 23 201511:40Kuzmic had qualifying offer rescinded
Mon Jun 29 201521:23Kuzmic received qualifying offer from Warriors on Monday
Mon May 18 201518:49Kuzmic (ankle) will be available for start of Western Conference...
Tue May 5 201513:42Kuzmic (ankle) will not play in Tuesday's Game 2 against Grizzli...
Sat May 2 201515:19Kuzmic has suffered sprained left ankle and will undergo evaluat...
Sun Apr 19 201517:56Kuzmic assigned to D-League on Sunday
Wed Mar 18 201514:58Kuzmic (shoulder) assigned to D-League on Wednesday
Mon Mar 16 201515:53Kuzmic (shoulder) will not play Monday
Sun Mar 15 201505:41Kuzmic recalled from D-League to have shoulder evaluated
Sat Mar 14 201519:35Kuzmic (shoulder) recalled from Santa Cruz of NBA's D-League on ...
Wed Feb 4 201515:21Kuzmic reassigned to Santa Cruz of D-League on Wednesday
Wed Jan 28 201522:31Kuzmic recalled from Santa Cruz of NBA's D-League on Wednesday
Thu Jan 15 201513:46Kuzmic reassigned to Santa Cruz of D-League on Thursday
Fri Dec 26 201408:03Kuzmic played three minutes in Thursday night's loss to Clippers
Wed Dec 17 201412:38Kuzmic reassigned to Santa Cruz Warriors of D-League on Wednesda...
Sun Nov 16 201404:57Kuzmic returned from one-game D-League assignment and got six mi...
Fri Nov 14 201415:44Kuzmic assigned to Santa Cruz Warriors of NBA D-League Friday
Tue Nov 4 201405:54Kuzmic played six minutes in first game of season, but DNP in ne...
Mon Oct 20 201406:50Kuzmic returned to lineup Sunday after being rested for one pres...
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