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TeamCubsPosition2B/SSDepth 1st at 2B
BatsRThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusBuchanalia: ActivePro StatusActive


2017Blue Jays129336786257.232
2016Blue Jays104279754192.269
2015Blue Jays15237240.304
Total MLB81425366253120129.246

2011 Game Log

2011-09-28@ SDPH10000.000
2011-09-27@ SD2B31000.333
2011-09-26@ SD2B40000.000
2011-09-25@ StL2B41000.250
2011-09-24@ StL2B41000.250
2011-09-23@ StL2B52000.400
2011-09-21v Mil2B00000.000
2011-09-20v Mil2B42000.500
2011-09-19v Mil2B31000.333
2011-09-18v Hou2B10000.000
2011-09-17v Hou2B42000.500
2011-09-16v Hou2B50000.000
2011-09-15@ Cin2B61010.167
2011-09-14@ Cin2B40000.000
2011-09-13@ Cin2B42000.500
2011-09-12@ Cin2B52001.400
2011-09-11@ NYM2B63020.500
2011-09-09@ NYM2B51010.200
2011-09-06v Cin2B20000.000
2011-09-05v CinPH,2B10000.000
2011-09-04v Pit2B30000.000
2011-09-03v Pit2B51000.200
2011-09-02v Pit2B30000.000
2011-08-31@ SF2B30000.000
2011-08-30@ SF2B40010.000
2011-08-29@ SF2B00000.000
2011-08-28@ Mil2B42010.500
2011-08-27@ Mil2B50000.000
2011-08-26@ Mil2B40001.000
2011-08-25v Atl2B40010.000
2011-08-24v Atl2B41000.250
2011-08-23v AtlPH,2B31000.333
2011-08-22v AtlSS30000.000
2011-08-21v StL2B41001.250
2011-08-20v StL2B31000.333
2011-08-19v StL2B42110.500
2011-08-17@ Hou2B42001.500
2011-08-16@ Hou2B52000.400
2011-08-15@ Hou2B40000.000
2011-08-14@ Atl2B53000.600
2011-08-13@ Atl2B54010.800
2011-08-12@ AtlPH10000.000
2011-08-11v Was2B30000.000
2011-08-10v Was2B31000.333
2011-08-09v Was2B40000.000
2011-08-07v Cin2B10000.000
2011-08-06v Cin2B51000.200
2011-08-05v Cin2B00000.000
2011-08-04@ Pit2B30000.000
2011-08-03@ Pit2B42000.500
2011-08-02@ Pit2B63000.500
2011-08-01@ Pit2B40000.000
2011-07-31@ StL2B41000.250
2011-07-30@ StL2B30000.000
2011-07-29@ StL2B31000.333
2011-07-28@ Mil2B41000.250
2011-07-27@ Mil2B30000.000
2011-07-26@ Mil2B41000.250
2011-07-24v Hou2B42010.500
2011-07-23v Hou2B30000.000
2011-07-22v Hou2B30001.000
2011-07-20v Phi2B31000.333
2011-07-19v Phi2B00000.000
2011-07-18v Phi2B42010.500
2011-07-17v Mia2B41000.250
2011-07-16v Mia2B30000.000
2011-07-15v Mia2B30000.000
2011-07-14v Mia2B30010.000
2011-07-10@ Pit2B32000.667
2011-07-09@ Pit2B42000.500
2011-07-08@ Pit2B32010.667
2011-07-07@ Was2B53030.600
2011-07-06@ Was2B21000.500
2011-07-05@ WasSS30000.000
2011-07-04@ Was2B50000.000
2011-07-03v CWS2B41000.250
2011-07-02v CWS2B32000.667
2011-07-01v CWS2B41010.250
2011-06-30v SF2B62010.333
2011-06-29v SF2B41000.250
2011-06-13v Mil2B41000.250
2011-06-12@ Phi2B41000.250
2011-06-11@ Phi2B42000.500
2011-06-10@ Phi2B40000.000
2011-06-09@ Phi2B50001.000
2011-06-08@ CinSS40000.000
2011-06-07@ Cin2B43000.750
2011-06-06@ Cin2B32000.667
2011-06-05@ StL2B52000.400
2011-06-04@ StL2B,SS61000.167
2011-06-03@ StL2B40000.000
2011-06-01v Hou2B40000.000
2011-05-31v Hou2B41010.250
2011-05-30v Hou2B51000.200
2011-05-29v Pit2B32000.667
2011-05-28v Pit2B41000.250
2011-05-27v Pit2B40000.000
2011-05-26v NYM2B42010.500
2011-05-25v NYM2B30000.000
2011-05-24v NYM2B52020.400
2011-05-22@ Bos2B40000.000
2011-05-21@ Bos2B42000.500
2011-05-20@ Bos2B51000.200
2011-05-19@ Mia2B50000.000
2011-05-18@ Mia2B40020.000
2011-05-17@ Cin2B41011.250
2011-05-16@ Cin2B43010.750
2011-05-14v SF2B32000.667
2011-05-13v SF2B53030.600
2011-05-12v StL2B40000.000
2011-05-11v StL2B51000.200
2011-05-10v StL2B43000.750
2011-05-07v CinSS41000.250
2011-05-06v Cin2B51001.200
2011-05-04@ LAD2B42000.500
2011-05-03@ LAD2B41000.250
2011-05-02@ LAD2B40000.000
2011-05-01@ Ari2B42000.500
2011-04-30@ Ari2B52010.400
2011-04-29@ Ari2B41000.250
2011-04-28@ AriPH10000.000
2011-04-26v Col2B42000.500
2011-04-25v Col2B51120.200
2011-04-24v LAD2B52010.400
2011-04-23v LAD2B53031.600
2011-04-22v LAD2B51010.200
2011-04-20v SD2B52010.400
2011-04-20v SD2B51000.200
2011-04-18v SD2B30000.000
2011-04-17@ Col2B52000.400
2011-04-16@ Col2B52010.400
2011-04-15@ Col2B30000.000
2011-04-13@ Hou2B42010.500
2011-04-12@ Hou2B40000.000
2011-04-11@ Hou2B32010.667
2011-04-10@ Mil2B42010.500
2011-04-09@ MilPH,2B10000.000
2011-04-06v AriPH10000.000
2011-04-05v Ari2B31000.333
2011-04-04v AriPH,2B10000.000
2011-04-03v Pit2B41010.250
2011-04-02v Pit2B00000.000
2011-04-01v Pit2B42000.500

Recent News

Fri Sep 22 201704:38INF Darwin Barney walked in second inning of 1-0 loss to Royals ...
Wed Sep 20 201705:12INF Darwin Barney had two-run homer and RBI single Tuesday in 5-...
Sat Sep 16 201704:07INF Darwin Barney scratched before game with illness
Tue Sep 5 201704:132B Darwin Barney started at second base in place of Sunday's sta...
Sun Sep 3 201706:252B Darwin Barney registered 15th multi-hit and fifth multi-RBI g...
Sun Aug 20 201704:19SS Darwin Barney 1-3 with double Saturday against Cubs
Tue Aug 1 201705:452B Darwin Barney had bases-clearing, three-run double that gave ...
Sat Jul 29 201704:19INF Darwin Barney doubled in eighth inning Friday in 7-2 loss to...
Thu Jun 22 201704:532B Darwin Barney recorded first homer since May 7 with two-run s...
Sun Jun 4 201703:44Darwin Barney started in left field Saturday, first start in out...
Mon May 8 201703:593B Darwin Barney got first home run of season -- he had only fou...
Thu Apr 20 201707:133B Darwin Barney came into game hitting 5 for 8 in previous game...
Sat Oct 15 201617:28Blue Jays remove injured 2B Travis from ALCS roster
Sun Sep 4 201604:26INF Darwin Barney activated from family medical emergency list o...
Thu Sep 1 201603:28IF Darwin Barney left team after being placed on Family Medical ...
Thu Sep 1 201603:27INF Darwin Barney placed on Family Medical Emergency List
Wed Aug 31 201604:14IF Darwin Barney will be leaving team to deal with some personal...
Thu Jul 21 201603:50INF Darwin Barney 2-4 with two runs and three RBIs in first care...
Sun Jul 10 201603:58INF Darwin Barney started at third base Saturday in 3-2 loss to ...
Sat Jul 9 201604:23INF Darwin Barney started at second base Friday for second game ...
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