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Wed Apr 1602:54Raymond Felton returned to action on Tuesday April 15.Raymond FeltonPGTrailblazersThe Sith Lords
Raymond Felton returned to action on Tuesday April 15.
Wed Apr 1602:28Griffin, Redick won't travel for WednesdayBlake GriffinPFClippersTeam Lorin
Blake Griffin and J.J. Redick will not travel to Portland for Wednesday's game against the Blazers.
Well, that solves that. We knew Redick wouldn't play and Griffin is facing a suspension for picking up his 16th technical, so the move isn't all that surprising. Glen Davis and Darren Collison look like the best bets for success in their absence in Wednesday's finale. This also raises questions about how many minutes guys like Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan will play, but at least they're going to travel.
Wed Apr 1601:49J.J. Redick to be held out WednesdayJ.J. RedickSGMagicFree Agent
J.J. Redick had 18 points and four 3-pointers in just 17 minutes, and will take the night off on Wednesday.
Jamal Crawford and Darren Collison should pick up his slack, but they could probably use some rest as well. It's probably best to avoid the Clippers' shooting guards in fantasy on Wednesday. Collison had 10 points in 24 minutes on Tuesday, while Crawford hit 3-of-9 shots and zero 3-pointers for nine points in 31 minutes.
Wed Apr 1601:48Chris Paul Mr. Efficiency again TuesdayChris PaulPGHornetsDef Fresh Flow
Chris Paul hit 8-of-10 shots and three 3-pointers for 21 points and 10 assists in Tuesday's win.
Wow. He's primed and ready to go for the playoffs, and the Clippers are going to be a tough out all the way, and could win it all. Paul's status for Wednesday is up in the air, as their game may not mean anything if the Thunder beat the Pistons early on Wednesday.
Wed Apr 1601:46DeAndre Jordan with 13 & 6 in winDeAndre JordanCClippersDef Fresh Flow
DeAndre Jordan had 13 points, six rebounds, two steals and two blocks in Tuesday's win, and will be getting some votes for the Defensive Player of the Year Award.
He was a pleasant fantasy surprise this season, but could take it easy on Wednesday night. The Clippers can get the No. 2 seed with a win and a Thunder loss, but OKC tips off at 8 p.m. ET in Detroit. If they're up big, or have already won when LAC tips off, the Clippers will literally have nothing to play for. And we're guessing Doc Rivers will give his big names a rest if that's the case, and possibly even if the Thunder lose.
Wed Apr 1601:38Blake Griffin scores 24, suspension loomingBlake GriffinPFClippersTeam Lorin
Blake Griffin had 24 points, five rebounds, four assists, two steals and a block on 9-of-17 shooting, but also picked up his 16th technical foul on Tuesday, which will earn him a one-game suspension for Wednesday's game.
He hit Timofey Mozgov in the face while following through on a block attempt, and while it wasn't intentional, it fits the definition of a technical foul. It could be rescinded and he could be allowed to play, but we're guessing Doc Rivers will take it easy on all the starters in a somewhat meaningless game. If the Thunder beat the Pistons, the Clippers are locked into the No. 3 seed in the West. Suspension or not, don't expect a lot from Blake on Wednesday. Look for the Thunder to try to beat the Pistons, as they play 2.5 hours prior to the Clippers tip off. And if it appears the Thunder will win when the Clippers tip off, the starters may all get a rest tomorrow.
Wed Apr 1601:30Wilson Chandler scores seven on TuesdayWilson ChandlerSGNuggetsIavaronis
Wilson Chandler played through his groin injury on Tuesday and had seven points, six rebounds and a 3-pointer on 3-of-7 shooting.
If he's not 100 percent, it's easy to see him sitting out in Wednesday's finale, and Evan Fournier (9 points on 3-of-10 shooting) could step up if Chandler is out.
Wed Apr 1601:28Randy Foye hits just 2-of-12 shotsRandy FoyePG/SGClippersFree Agent
Randy Foye hit just 2-of-12 shots and was 0-for-7 from downtown for 11 points, four rebounds, seven assists and four steals in a loss to the Clippers.
Had his shot been falling he would have had a monster line, but as it was, he was still effective at filling the stat sheet. Foye should play solid minutes again on Wednesday.
Wed Apr 1601:26Aaron Brooks scores 19 in lossAaron BrooksPGSunsBuchanalia
Aaron Brooks had 19 points, four rebounds, five assists, two steals and three 3-pointers in Tuesday's loss.
He's been great filling in for Ty Lawson and all indications are that he'll get serious minutes again in Wednesday's finale.
Wed Apr 1601:23Timofey Mozgov with 18 & 11 after injuryTimofey MozgovCNuggetsTeam Lorin
Timofey Mozgov left Tuesday's game briefly with a right knee injury, but returned to finish with 18 points, 11 rebounds and a block in a loss to the Clippers.
He's really turned it on over the last few weeks and his injury is no big deal. All indications are that he'll get solid minutes again in Wednesday's finale against the Warriors.
Tue Apr 1523:43Griffin picks up 16th tech, suspension likelyBlake GriffinPFClippersTeam Lorin
Blake Griffin picked up his 16th technical foul on Tuesday night, drawing an automatic suspension for Wednesday's game, if it's not rescinded.
Griffin has already had three technical fouls rescinded this season and the NBA may call this one a "three strikes and you're out" situation. Griffin wasn't all that likely to play many minutes on Wednesday anyway, and given that there was no malicious intent to hurt Timofey Mozgov tonight, the league has a tough call to make.
Tue Apr 1523:32Kevin Garnett scoreless vs. KnicksKevin GarnettPFCelticsBuchanalia
Kevin Garnett missed all four of his shots and failed to score in 15 minutes in Tuesday's loss to the Knicks.
Even if the Nets are going to try to secure the No. 5 seed, playing KG any more regular season minutes seems pointless. Look for him to sit tomorrow.
Tue Apr 1523:31Marcus Thornton scores 24 in loss to NYMarcus ThorntonSGKingsThe Schellackers
Marcus Thornton came off the bench for 24 points, three rebounds, two assists, a steal and four 3-pointers in 29 minutes in Tuesday's loss to the Knicks.
Whether the Nets play the regulars or not on Wednesday, Thornton should get a lot of minutes and should have another nice game.
Tue Apr 1523:29Joe Johnson scores 12 despite sore calfJoe JohnsonSGHawksTeam Lorin
Joe Johnson played through a sore calf on Tuesday and had 12 points, six rebounds, and four assists in 31 minutes, hitting just 3-of-9 shots.
The Nets could fall to the No. 6 seed if they lose and the Wizards win on Wednesday, so we'll have to see if Jason Kidd goes after seeding or rest for his guys tomorrow. Our guess is the old guys will get a rest and the Nets will have the No. 6 seed, but it's just a guess.
Tue Apr 1523:26Deron Williams scores 10 points in lossDeron WilliamsPGNJ NetsTeam Erik
Deron Williams played through a sore knee but had just 10 points, one assist and one 3-pointer in 30 minutes of Tuesday's loss to the Knicks.
The Nets wanted to win this game, but may be ready to concede on Wednesday night in order to get their old guys some rest. If you own Deron Williams, watch for updates on Wednesday to find out if he's in or out the the lineup at Cleveland.
Tue Apr 1523:24Paul Pierce scores 13 in loss to KnicksPaul PierceSFCelticsTeam Erik
Paul Pierce played through his shoulder injury and had 13 points and three rebounds in 21 minutes on Tuesday.
The Nets needed to win this game and may be ready to give up on Wednesday's finale. Jason Kidd said after the game he doesn't care if he's the No. 5 or 6 seed, so it wouldn't be surprising to see Pierce get the night off. He was a game-time decision tonight, but he went for it.
Tue Apr 1523:21Amare Stoudemire scores 14 in winAmare StoudemirePF/CKnicksDoppelganger
Amare Stoudemire played 21 minutes on Tuesday and had 14 points, three rebounds and a block.
Mike Woodson left it up to Amare as to whether he played or not tonight, and he looked pretty good at times. It would be a little surprising to see Stoudemire play in Wednesday's finale, although it's still possible. Either way, look for Cole Aldrich, who had 13 & 13 tonight, to play well again tomorrow.
Tue Apr 1523:20J.R. Smith scores 14 in Knicks winJ.R. SmithSGNuggetsDoppelganger
J.R. Smith played 23 minutes and hit 3-of-8 shots and three 3-pointers for 14 points, seven rebounds, three assists, a steal and a block in Tuesday's win.
This was not quite the line we were expecting from Smith with Carmelo Anthony in street clothes, but even though he didn't shoot it 30 times, he still managed to fill the stat sheet. And we fully expect him to do it again on Wednesday, assuming he plays.
Tue Apr 1523:17Cole Aldrich goes for 13 & 13 off benchCole AldrichCThunderFree Agent
Cole Aldrich played 25 minutes off the bench and hit 4-of-6 shots for 13 points, 13 rebounds, a steal and a block in Tuesday's win over the Nets.
This was basically the biggest game of Aldrich's non-storied career and simply suggests that he should have played more this season for the Knicks. With Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and possibly Tyson Chandler not likely to play on Wednesday, Aldrich should be in line for another nice night.
Tue Apr 1522:58Timofey Mozgov to locker room w/ knee injuryTimofey MozgovCNuggetsTeam Lorin
Timofey Mozgov left Tuesday's game early with a right knee injury and went to the locker room.
Since this game means nothing to the Nuggets, it would be surprising to see Mozzy return to action.
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