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Latest Standings

TeamTotal Points
Team Erik65.00
Team Sapinski62.00
The Empire53.00
Dark Angel49.00
Team Lorin41.50
Team Joker20.00

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On Fri Sep 29 23:00:28 2023 Mike Zagami wrote:
I have never seen this line from a SP in our ROTO HISTORY: 0 IPs 8 BRs 8 ER Welcome to the world of RONDON! I will not be able to comfortably sit on my butt until April 2024! P.S. Tim-this confirms that I cannot make those final 22.67 IPs.☚ī¸đŸ˜ąđŸ™ˆ
On Fri Sep 29 19:44:39 2023 Tim Schell wrote:
Something to watch: Mike needs 22 2/3 innings this final weekend to avoid the penalty.
On Fri Sep 29 10:00:34 2023 Geoff Buchan wrote:
Yes, but that won't make much difference. You're ahead of him in ratio anyhow, and I can't catch him there. While I'd likely pass him in ERA with a penalty, you'd also have a good shot. And with no penalty, I already have a good shot to pass him. It would only change at most 1 point in the race for first, but interestingly that point could plausibly go either way!
On Fri Sep 29 08:55:25 2023 Tim Schell wrote:
Something to watch: Mike needs 22 2/3 innings this final weekend to avoid the penalty.
On Tue Sep 26 09:16:44 2023 Darth Grecus wrote:
Free at Last! Free at Last! Thank G-D I am Free at Last! Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!
On Mon Sep 25 11:27:15 2023 Josh Steinberg wrote:
Benny pulls ahead by 3 points in the more important race for 9th place
On Mon Sep 25 10:51:42 2023 Tim Schell wrote:
You will need another good week and we would need another poor week. I'm a long ways from feeling comfortable but our chances aren't bad. Not wonderful to lose Royce Lewis for the final week, but adapting to injury has been the storyline of our season so far.
On Sat Sep 23 22:36:37 2023 Geoff Buchan wrote:
There is something to be said for both Tim's and my analyses of the race last Sunday. Tim was right to be wary of a pitching slump, as DoubleHeader has had a 1.65 ratio and 5.72 ERA this week, while their lead has been nearly halved from 10 to 6 points.
For me, lots has gone right this week.
I've not only held off Lorin in RBIs, but I passed Erik, and have come within 1 HR of Lorin.
I have now tied DH in saves, and Jansen was activated today from the Covid IL
I've gained a point in ERA with a 2.33 this week.
My chances of finishing 1st have gone up, and are now clearly ahead of my chances of finishing 3rd or worse. But I still need to make up 6 points to win, so while this was a good week for me, I need a better final week to win. Second is still by far most likely, but my chances of sharing or winning the AL title look better tonight than they did Sunday.
On Wed Sep 20 11:00:27 2023 Darth Grecus wrote:
Pass the COCK 'pon the left hand side Pass the COCK 'pon the left hand side It a go bang (show me COCK, make me jump and hide)
On Tue Sep 19 20:02:55 2023 Darth Grecus wrote:
My F* Year Look at this... 👀 https://pin.it/26IKfIs

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