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Def Fresh Flow27
Team Lorin23
The Sith Lords20
Team Erik19

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On Fri Jan 25 15:21:48 2019 Tim Schell wrote:
Just checked out the last week standings. Lorin's team has been unstable for a while, but now... https://youtu.be/dsz7G_l9SKE
On Mon Jan 21 11:35:36 2019 Jeffrey Burd wrote:
"When asked about Kanter's role, coach David Fizdale reiterated that getting Luke Kornet and Mitchell Robinson minutes is a "priority." Fizdale added that the game flow will dictate whether or not Kanter gets to play, but it's becoming very clear that his days as a Knick are numbered." Someone needs to bring a sign to MSG reading "FREE ENES"
On Fri Jan 4 14:51:38 2019 Jeffrey Burd wrote:
Does anyone need a point guard? I'm open to dealing any one of my five pgs.
On Tue Dec 25 09:57:50 2018 Geoff Buchan wrote:
At least there aren't 5 Out players in your active lineup, A.J.!
On Wed Dec 19 22:59:59 2018 A.J. Stephani wrote:
You know your team is in trouble when the "Status" of your reserved players reads as follows: Out-Out-Out-Out-Out
On Mon Dec 10 18:39:01 2018 Erik Engquist wrote:
No doubt his Game would Blossom if Collin Sexton would share the ball a little more
On Sun Dec 9 11:15:12 2018 Jeffrey Burd wrote:
Hey Erik, Jaron Blossomgame started last night for the Cavs. And incredibly he is a free agent in our league.
On Sun Dec 9 00:43:59 2018 Erik Engquist wrote:
How is the team with Andre Drummond first in FT% and last in rebounds? He is 61-121 from the line and leads the NBA with 15.3 rebounds per game.
On Mon Nov 26 18:47:28 2018 Geoff Buchan wrote:
Yesterday saw an *8* point swing at the top of the league. In the morning I was tied with Tim at 34 points, but after the Sunday games, Tim was leading me 40-32. Must be a lot of very close categories!
On Mon Nov 19 01:02:55 2018 Tim Schell wrote:
Not enjoying the initial return on my trade with Erik!

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