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Team Erik36
The Sith Lords34
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Team Lorin15

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On Mon Apr 11 14:50:15 2022 Chris Varner wrote:
Congrats, A.J.! In other news, the NBA's winner of the Bobby Bonilla Award is Luol Deng, who apparently was the 5th highest paid Laker this season.
On Mon Apr 11 08:55:09 2022 Jeffrey Burd wrote:
Congrats AJ!
On Mon Apr 11 06:43:16 2022 Geoff Buchan wrote:
Congratulations, A.J.! You had this sealed up with probably 4-5 weeks to go.
On Sun Apr 10 22:43:04 2022 Tim Schell wrote:
Everyone has lots of players who miss time in the last week or so. Makes it challenging to close gaps right at the end. You always seemed to make the right adjustments any given week.
On Sun Apr 10 21:36:03 2022 A.J. Stephani wrote:
Limped home. . . The last week I had more zeroes than I wish to count.
On Sun Apr 10 21:19:28 2022 Tim Schell wrote:
Congratulations to AJ on his return to championship glory! Great management over the entire season and through adversity.
On Wed Apr 6 09:01:55 2022 Tim Schell wrote:
I can't complain on his .475 for the season. It's in line with his last two seasons of .477. And the Bucks are solid defensively. Still, not what I wanted to see while contesting a point in FG%.
On Wed Apr 6 07:56:33 2022 Jeffrey Burd wrote:
Credit to Roy McAvoy
On Wed Apr 6 07:55:34 2022 Jeffrey Burd wrote:
He misses a contested 14 footer while 3 of 18 from the floor?
On Tue Apr 5 23:04:39 2022 Tim Schell wrote:
How does a veteran CENTER like Nikola Vucevic go 3-19 from the field???

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