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Latest Standings

TeamTotal Points
Team Joker67.50
The Empire51.50
Team Erik50.00
Team Lorin46.00
Team Sapinski45.00
Dark Angel40.50

Message Board

On Wed Sep 20 11:00:27 2023 Darth Grecus wrote:
Pass the COCK 'pon the left hand side Pass the COCK 'pon the left hand side It a go bang (show me COCK, make me jump and hide)
On Tue Sep 19 20:02:55 2023 Darth Grecus wrote:
My F* Year Look at this... 👀 https://pin.it/26IKfIs
On Tue Sep 19 15:44:40 2023 Rich Sapinski wrote:
Did I head a fat lady singing in the background.....
On Mon Sep 18 12:25:45 2023 Darth Grecus wrote:
Y’all don’t know what pain is!!!
On Mon Sep 18 07:21:23 2023 Geoff Buchan wrote:
It is literally more than half a dozen things:
1. You drop in ERA
2. You drop in ratio
3. You drop in average
4. I pass you in saves
5. I hold off Lorin in RBIs, and maybe catch Erik
6. I gain in ERA
7. I gain in ratio
Now one team's ERA and ratio are quite correlated, but yours and mine aren't. So arguably it's more like 5-6 independent things, not 7. With a healthy Jansen I am better than 50/50 to pass you in saves, but he has yet to return. But the current gap is 10 points. I could gain a point in all 7 categories and still fall short. So not much room for error on my part. Popping corks may be premature, but you can certainly put the champaigne on ice.
On Sun Sep 17 22:57:42 2023 Tim Schell wrote:
Two weeks of bad pitching and a batting average slump on our part could close the gap. And you’re likely to pass us in saves. I don’t think congratulations are in order just yet!
On Sun Sep 17 20:37:33 2023 Geoff Buchan wrote:
I congratulate Josh and Tim - they've built an outstanding team, and made several good moves throughout the year. The opera may not quite be over, but the fat lady is warming up just offstage.
On Sun Sep 17 20:25:36 2023 Geoff Buchan wrote:
I have a theoretical path, but I need at least a half dozen things to break my way, any one of which is at best a 50/50 shot.
So while this is not mathematically over, it is quite close to being so. Losing Ohtani fully now makes it much harder for me to gain any points in HR/RBI, and I'm more likely to lose more. Losing Ohtani's pitching has weakened my ERA/ratio. I'm more likely to finish 3rd or 4th than 1st, although 2nd is most likely.
On Sun Sep 17 00:51:01 2023 Tim Schell wrote:
It’s nice to be leading, but the margin is deceiving. There are many points in play and this is not yet decided. Not even close.
On Sat Sep 16 19:10:36 2023 Tim Schell wrote:
We’ve liked Lewis going back to last year, but he’s had bad injury luck. We were surprised when it was just us and Benny in the bidding. But no complaints!

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