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Latest Standings

TeamTotal Points
Sith Lords54.00
Team Lorin46.50
Team Jim43.50
Salt City Sox33.00
Team Mike28.00
Team Erik27.00

Message Board

On Tue Oct 2 10:43:16 2018 Tim Schell wrote:
Great job, Geoff! And kudos to Jim for pushing Geoff down the stretch.
On Tue Oct 2 08:00:34 2018 Jim Olechowski wrote:
Question to AJ, if Geoff pulled away in August why was Team Jim in first place from Sept 1 Thru Sept 12/13? Ponder that query, Sir!! LOL.
On Tue Oct 2 03:46:59 2018 Lorin Engquist wrote:
Knebel's win in Game 163 put Team Lorin back in sole possession of third! I'm sure slipping one spot was a small price for Tim to pay to win the Central Division.
On Mon Oct 1 20:50:14 2018 Geoff Buchan wrote:
On Mon Oct 1 20:47:12 2018 A.J. Stephani wrote:
Goeff really pulled away in late August during a season where there was no runaway favorite. Nice job, Geoff!
On Mon Oct 1 19:46:35 2018 Jim Olechowski wrote:
Congrats Geoff.
On Mon Oct 1 19:31:04 2018 Josh Steinberg wrote:
Now the fat lady can sing. Congrats, Geoff!
On Sun Sep 30 23:27:27 2018 Mike Zagami wrote:
CONGRATULATIONS, GEOFF!!! Another title to add to your collection! Outstanding!!!
On Sun Sep 30 13:55:00 2018 Geoff Buchan wrote:
Interesting close to the regular season: *every* MLB team has a game this afternoon starting between 3:05 and 3:20 PM today EDT.
On Sun Sep 30 13:21:57 2018 Tim Schell wrote:
Doesn’t look good for Mike, but he isn’t 100% buried yet.

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