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Team Erik33
The Sith Lords27
Team Lorin20
Def Fresh Flow19

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On Fri Apr 13 01:28:59 2018 Erik Engquist wrote:
Was my fault, Jeff, for not beating AJ in points. I was up by maybe 600 and starting to prioritize FG%, then Kyrie went down. Impossible to replace his scoring at the PG position.
On Thu Apr 12 10:00:11 2018 Jeffrey Burd wrote:
Interestingly, if the season ended a day early I would have won outright. If the season were extended a single day, I'm certain I would have finished second.
On Thu Apr 12 09:58:13 2018 Jeffrey Burd wrote:
Thanks. I'm happy the drought has ended. Congrats to AJ for his third title in the last four years. The year he didn't win, he finished second. Impressive.
On Thu Apr 12 06:45:53 2018 A.J. Stephani wrote:
Jeff fought long and hard for his first championship - I am thrilled to stand alongside him in the winners' circle.
On Thu Apr 12 06:23:35 2018 Geoff Buchan wrote:
Indeed - congratulations to both Jeff and A.J. on an outstanding season!
On Thu Apr 12 01:12:55 2018 Tim Schell wrote:
Congratulations to Jeff and AJ! Champions after expertly managing the long NBA season and guiding their teams into the winner’s circle.
On Wed Apr 11 13:22:17 2018 Tim Schell wrote:
I think I will gain some on Jeff in SB tonight, but not enough. I will approach and possibly pass the Sith Lords in rebounds. AJ and I will maintain our spacing in rebounds. AJ will pass the Sith in rebounds and approach but probably not pass them in assists. If that occurs, Jeff and AJ tie at 37.
On Wed Apr 11 09:26:07 2018 Jeffrey Burd wrote:
Tim is within striking distance of me in the steals/blocks category. I really want the Lakers to employ a hack-a-DeAndre strategy tonight. Make the big fella earn those points at the line.
On Wed Apr 11 08:25:44 2018 A.J. Stephani wrote:
It looks like Jeff is cemented at 37 points, unless something REALLY weird happens tonight and we get a lot of DNP-LAST GAMEs from his team. I am in a horse race with Joe with rebounds, and maybe assists, but I have 18 player-games tonight (before benchings) to his 14. Dwight Howard (nice season, Dwight!) is now done, and I have all 8 bigs likely playing, so I suspect I will pass him in rebounds but fall short in assists. This leaves a tie for first, which I'll take in an Alec Peters' minute.
On Tue Apr 10 17:50:53 2018 Tim Schell wrote:
No kidding! Looks like the points are pretty well set for the top positions.

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