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On Wed Mar 11 21:43:54 2020 Tim Schell wrote:
Season suspended. Hopefully temporarily.
On Wed Feb 26 16:05:25 2020 Erik Engquist wrote:
This does not bode well for James Harden https://nypost.com/2020/02/26/cdc-warns-men-about-facial-hair-dangers-as-coronavirus-spreads/
On Thu Feb 20 19:11:55 2020 Tim Schell wrote:
Good luck to everyone on the stretch run! All star game break and 2/3 of the season in the rear view mirror.
On Sat Jan 25 00:08:35 2020 Tim Schell wrote:
The season is only just past the halfway point and my lead is not commanding when you look at the categories. I’m not feeling in runway mode.
On Wed Jan 22 09:32:36 2020 Chris Varner wrote:
Losing 3 centers in two weeks or less has certainly not helped, plus there was the John Collins suspension and the annual Caris injury. I might change my team symbol to a red cross.
On Tue Jan 21 09:42:31 2020 A.J. Stephani wrote:
Seasons like this (with ostensibly runaway champs) require us to be diligent in setting out-of-the-box objectives. With winning the league a mirage that seemingly alit when Deandre Ayton was suspended for bullshit on Day 2 of the season, mine is to finish with 30+ standing points. Keep those trade offers flying around!
On Sat Jan 4 20:57:09 2020 A.J. Stephani wrote:
. . . it seems my only move is to throw FGP and trade excess assists and B/S. Jokic and Mitchell Robinson are on the block, looking for points and rebounds in return. Serious offers only (we all know how frivolous offers are treated in this league).
On Tue Nov 19 15:30:08 2019 Lorin Engquist wrote:
The Curry injury really hurt my psyche! Still don't know how it happened.
On Tue Nov 5 11:05:51 2019 Tim Schell wrote:
Two extended injuries (Curry, Williamson) and two PED suspensions (Ayton, Collins)in the top 30 by auction price to open the season.
On Mon Nov 4 08:45:10 2019 Chris Varner wrote:
Yep. Man, those transactions were taxing. I might have to take two weeks off now.

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