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Latest Standings

TeamTotal Points
The Schellackers55.00
Team Jim53.00
The Salt City Sox46.50
Team Mike39.00
The Sith Lords35.00
Team Erik31.50
Team Lorin30.00

Message Board

On Mon Oct 5 12:15:21 2015 Lorin Engquist wrote:
Congrats AJ. You won despite spending $0.80 on Tim Hudson, $2.60 on Corey Dickerson, $1.60 on David Wright, and $2.90 on Troy Tulowitzki. Amazing!
On Mon Oct 5 00:00:18 2015 Geoff Buchan wrote:
Congratulations, A.J.!
On Sun Oct 4 20:24:29 2015 Joe Voyticky wrote:
Well done AJ. Congratulations; we did what we could but fell just a bit short. You are the Champion!
On Sun Oct 4 19:26:34 2015 Tim Schell wrote:
Congratulations to AJ on a fine season. Title number five! Took the lead early in April and never let go.
On Sun Oct 4 15:17:31 2015 Josh Steinberg wrote:
Way to go AJ! Always like seeing you in the winner's circle!
On Sat Oct 3 23:58:31 2015 Darth Grecus wrote:
Congratulations A.J. - Always a great champion
On Sat Oct 3 15:31:06 2015 Darth Grecus wrote:
Looks like we will lose a point in ERA & WHIP - That sucks
On Tue Sep 29 11:38:56 2015 Joe Voyticky wrote:
The Sith Lords shall battle to the end!! Should you hold on, a worthy champion shall you be!
On Mon Sep 28 09:17:20 2015 Josh Steinberg wrote:
Spelled Joc Pederson's name wrong as "Peterson" the entire season on Google Doc roster. That is why I am finishing in 2nd division. Bad karma. (Sucky draft and management didn't help either)
On Sun Sep 27 23:50:17 2015 A.J. Stephani wrote:
Sith Lords: YOU SHALL NOT PASS! http://www.therooster.com/sites/default/files/userfiles/images/you_shall_not_pass1.jpg

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