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Latest Standings

TeamTotal Points
The Schellackers55.00
Team Jim53.00
The Salt City Sox46.50
Team Mike39.00
The Sith Lords35.00
Team Erik31.50
Team Lorin30.00

Message Board

On Mon Sep 29 11:34:05 2014 Geoff Buchan wrote:
Congratulations to Tim, Jim, and Lorin for the first ever 3-way tie (pending scoring changes, of course!). Now if only Jose Fernandez had stayed healthy...
On Sun Sep 28 17:28:09 2014 Geoff Buchan wrote:
3 way tie at the top right now. And 2 tied on bottom!
On Wed Sep 24 09:07:52 2014 Joe Voyticky wrote:
What a time to stop hitting! My NL team is acting like my AL team! Maaammmmba!!!!
On Tue Sep 23 19:11:31 2014 Tim Schell wrote:
As Dan Rather would say, "If you're in the kitchen Mabel, come back in to the front room. This race is tight as a tick."
On Wed Sep 17 23:45:31 2014 Tim Schell wrote:
Four teams within four points of the lead.
On Fri Sep 5 19:06:18 2014 Erik Engquist wrote:
Team Erik is just destroying Doppelganger this season!
On Sun Aug 31 14:39:39 2014 Tim Schell wrote:
If Benny wins both leagues, I will be carefully scrutinizing Revelation 6 to determine which seal refers to this event.
On Sun Aug 24 19:49:39 2014 Josh Steinberg wrote:
Could Benny win both leagues? He should be fined just for being close
On Sun Aug 24 11:30:41 2014 Joe Voyticky wrote:
I like this league much more!!!
On Sun Aug 24 09:25:49 2014 Tim Schell wrote:
Anything is possible in the NL with five teams separated by two points. Unbelievable.

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